Share the beauty of your property from the outside in

Acquired a new property? Updating photographs for your Annual Report, Trade Show, or Website?

Tact Minto Beechwood 008 11x17 LrTact Minto Beechwood 008 11x17 Lr

Photographs made of your business communication to the world who you are and how the world sees you. We take the time to make pictures from the right angles at the right time of day and then colour and perspective correct (plus blurring people and license plates while editing pot-holes & pavement cracks) to deliver high-resolution digital files on fast turnaround times to suit your schedule and usage.

Maxi Award-winning ICSC Certified Marketing Director and Professional Photographer Frank Fenn is based in Ottawa and available for travel throughout Canada.




Contact: [email protected] Telephone or Text 613-276-3351

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BGO 642 Dixon0400BGO 642 Dixon0400

We plan for Context and Desired Results

We'll work with you to generate the Creative Brief

  • Objectives and Use of Images
  • Final Creative application - your look and feel
  • Location(s) and parking arrangements
  • Key on-site contact and their information
  • Highlight areas - what are you most proud of and areas of motivation
  • Timing - day of week & time of day to either minimize or maximize traffic or focus on your building(s) features
  • Final Image Sizes and Ratios
  • Timeline and Deadlines


BGO Collingwood Centre0765EDIT1BGO Collingwood Centre0765EDIT1

We Take a Professional Approach

While on-site we observe safety protocols, carry credentials, be polite, courteous and approachable while being obvious that we are making pictures (this allows people to clear the area safely if they do not want to be in pictures). We also carry $5 million in liability insurance.
BGO College 2136BGO College 2136

We Edit and Deliver

Photographs will be edited based on the scope of work: cleaning of parking lot cracks and debris, blurring of people and license plates, and distorted lines straightened.

Photographs will then be delivered as high-resolution JPG images that are downloadable from a dedicated online gallery to your graphic arts professional.

WhiteOaksPanorama4WhiteOaksPanorama4 87 MANN AVE 002a1a LR87 MANN AVE 002a1a LR


LR MANN AVE 010aLR MANN AVE 010a Smiths Falls Maadi Bridge Night Modern Architectural PhotographySmiths Falls Maadi Bridge Night Modern Architectural Photography BGO 642 Dixon0416BGO 642 Dixon0416

Shopify Elgin StreetShopify Elgin Street

BGO ScotiaPlaza 2030BGO ScotiaPlaza 2030

Starbucks Milton Architectural Photography by Frank Fenn IDEA3 LRStarbucks Milton Architectural Photography by Frank Fenn IDEA3 LR Ottawa Architectural Photography by Frank Fenn Canadian Tire Centre 2021Ottawa Architectural Photography by Frank Fenn Canadian Tire Centre 2021 Canadian tire centre Ottawa 2020Canadian tire centre Ottawa 2020 CanadianTireCentre16x48CanadianTireCentre16x48 TDPlaceSmallTDPlaceSmall

BGO Eastgate Square  0472EDIT1BGO Eastgate Square 0472EDIT1 BGO Collingwood Centre0786EDIT1BGO Collingwood Centre0786EDIT1

Davids Tea Billings-77Davids Tea Billings-77

BGO Eastgate Square  0515EDIT1BGO Eastgate Square 0515EDIT1

00001  013000001 0130 WhiteOaksPanorama10BWhiteOaksPanorama10B BGO White Oaks 0661EDIT1BGO White Oaks 0661EDIT1 BGO White Oaks 0658EDIT1BGO White Oaks 0658EDIT1

ABERDEEN PAVILLION 11x17 LRABERDEEN PAVILLION 11x17 LR Architectural Photography by Frank Fenn IDEA3Architectural Photography by Frank Fenn IDEA3
Contact: [email protected] 
Telephone or Text 613-276-3351