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Starbucks Milton Architectural Photography by Frank Fenn IDEA3 LRAvalon Barley Mow Street View EDIT01Avalon Barley Mow Street View EDIT2Avalon-Barley Mow Corner EDIT1Avalon-Barley Mow Corner EDIT2Avalon-Barley Mow Front EDIT1Avalon-Barley Mow Front EDIT2Avalon-Barley Mow Front View EDIT1Avalon-Farm Boy Alone full view EDIT1Avalon-Farm Boy and Plaza EDIT2Avalon-Farm Boy and Plaza EDIT3Avalon-Farm Boy Entrance EDIT1Avalon-Farm Boy Full Plaza EDIT1Avalon-Farm Boy Full Plaza EDIT2Avalon-Farm Boy Full Plaza EDIT3Avalon-Farm Boy Plus Plaza EDIT1Avalon-FarmBoy Angle EDIT 2Avalon-Mermaid EDIT1Avalon-Mermaid EDIT2Avalon-Orleans Orthodontics EDIT1