Timeless Wedding Photography

You know that feeling you get when you look at wedding photographs made decades (or even only a few years ago) regardless of the dresses and tuxes there is a style of the times that the photographer can affect with her/his filtering. This happened with my wedding photographs.

Our photographer put a circle filter over half of the pictures that he made on our day - when we first looked at the pictures we thought they were good, and they were, but now years later we see that he made a decision that really dates them. Since then I have photographed over 400 weddings and my style has evolved with a central goal: to create Timeless Portraits.  

Timeless with natural posing (using simple instructions that help you keep balance and posture).

Timeless with photo journalistically candid captures of you, your friends and family.

Timeless by richly crafting genuine images in-camera and with post-wedding edits for lighting and cropping (along with a selection of photographs with the latest airy, dramatic or instagram worthy filters that you have a favouring for today).

My dedication to wedding photography is a dedication to the couples who reserve me for their wedding day by creating photographs that they feel they can walk into and be a part of again and again.

Frank Fenn - Wedding Photographer