Favourite Wedding Portraits of couples in and around Ottawa

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Here are some of my favourite wedding portraits I have made of couples around Ottawa (and Eastern Ontario) and how they were made. Frank Fenn - Ottawa Wedding Photographer 

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This photograph was made on the side of a road. It had been raining and we had just completed the wedding party photographs on a bridge outside Lanark when I noticed Vanessa & Patrick's reflection in the raindrop covered Hummer limo. There was little light on Vanessa and Patrick so I made some off camera lighting adjustments to make this picture a stand out.

This picture was made at the start of Melissa & Nick's 2 a.m. Night Portrait Session - what I love about it is the composition within the construction scaffolding (you will see this a few times in my portfolio), Melissa & Nick being nose to nose and that I waited for the OC Transpo bus to come to a stop at the light on Elgin Street giving us the face from the bus ad on the left seeming to look at them.  Shortly after the photograph above was made we made the one below in front of the Hotel Indigo in Ottawa - I love the wind blowing the flags around and how steady Melissa & Nick are throughout the exposure.


This one was made at the end of Sarah & Jamie's night portrait session by the War Memorial in Ottawa. It was made at about 3 a.m. and Sarah had actually fallen asleep after a really long day. Heather, Jean-Luc and I had just completed their night portrait session in Cornwall when I asked them for one more at the hotel - I love the serenity of this portrait, they are an amazing couple who had every element of their day planned out and allowed for creativity throughout the day.


I like to walk and make pictures along the way - this portrait was made in the Lanark woods with Crystal and Jake as we walked down to a lake with a boardwalk. I love the the fall colours and how Crystal & Jake interacted with each other throughout the day and how calm this picture feels.

This is the first time I made pictures in the Rideau Centre Parking Garage and - even though they were tired - Amanda & Jeff were so willing to be part of experimental settings it was fun for me. The setting is one thing but positioning them in the middle between pillars and the parking lines with the tug on the tie pose works for me. Just like the one below in the stairwell - Ottawa has so many unique places to make photographs that are not cliche. 

Suzanne & Aaron, above, and their wedding party were making pictures on Parliament Hill when we stopped to make this portrait at the Senate side of the centre block - the east side of the parliament hill is preferable when making pictures on a sunny day as the shade gives a lot of relief and allows colours to show. 

This portrait was made at Stanley's Olde Maple Lane - with summer weddings the perfect time to make pictures is at dusk, all you need is fifteen minutes away from your guests to make these portraits that will last forever.

Little Italy (Preston Street) in Ottawa's central west end can be very inspiring with the variety of buildings casting a unique atmosphere. At night you can practically own the street (except during Italian Week).


The Rideau Canal is a great location for wedding portraits, the one above was made the day after Canada Day beneath the National War Memorial and the second was made with the Chateau Laurier in the background.

As weddings have been evolving I am now including a 30 minute photobooth period during the party (typically from 9:30-10). At Heather & Jean Luc's wedding I was able to take over a section of wall and they supplied the props.

Even if it rains you can have photographs that pull the romanticism of the moment as in this picture with Claire and Paul.

This picture was a little scary to make. We were outside the gates to Loch March in the middle of a winding road. The main precaution we took was having people behind Aimee & Sean and behind me on the Old Carp Road "car spotting".

Anything can happen at 2 a.m. Laura, Leigh and I had set this portrait up in front of the NAC and, wanting streaks of cars going by, I waited for the light to turn green. As it happened we were being watched by the passenger of one SUV who wanted to participate too.

Almonte Wedding Fairgrounds When there is a balcony view of the dance floor available I like to take advantage of that perspective like this one at the wedding of Emily and Trevor in Almonte. Made at around midnight this portrait is the type you can make large and hang on your wall forever.

Byward Market Wedding The Byward market is a great place for the totally unexpected. Here, Tracey and Adam became a part of a busker's act when Tracey fell catching Eden's (the performer) attention - Adam played along with Eden's whip. 

Byward Wedding

Jacqui & Ryan posed in front of the graffiti painted on the protected grill at this Byward Market merchant's location. I love this because it is a great combination of real on location and the personalities of the couple.  

After their extensive ceremony I was able to take Anjali and Anant away from their wedding for a portrait session at the Rockeries and at Major's Hill Park (above). It was a grey afternoon, which was great because it allowed the colours to pop out while still being environmental. 

Orchardview is a great wedding venue - the gazebo is perfect for inclement weather and the hall is designed with weddings in mind. Stephanie, Jason and I had just finished making pictures on the island and were heading to the hall for the reception when I saw this scene with the strong hand rail and dark sky and water - I stopped them for a minute and we made this picture together. Twelve hours later we made the portrait below across from the Chateau Laurier.

Cathy and Fauzy (above and below) were amazingly natural to photograph - having photographed their ceremony at the NAC we walked up to Parliament Hill with their wedding party then I went with the two of them through the Byward Market (the one above was made outside the Courtyard Restaurant) through Rideu Centre and onto the Mackenzie Bridge (below with the Peace Tower in the background).

Christina & Mark were married on the Quebec side at Econiche, after the ceremony we went for a walk in the woods and down the pathway to capture them with one of the signs they made to assure their guests wouldn't get lost.

Heather and Tim were married on Dwyer Hill Road - their church is very important in their lives so it was important to get a full detail portrait that shows their connections.

These two portraits (above and below) of Kayla & Travis show two different things. Same couple, two different moods. The first one just after their wedding shows the fall colours and scenic view of Tory's garden at the Canadian Golf & Country Club and the second one shows a more casual view at 2 a.m. outside the Brookstreet Hotel in Kanata. You've probably noticed that night portraits are among my favourites, that's no accident - couples are more relaxed and there are fewer tourists around while the drama of night is always around. Sarah and Jamie had just completed their ceremony along with family and wedding party pictures at Billings Estate and we were making their formal portraits when the reflection off the roof of Sarah's father's classic car caught my eye. Bringing Sarah's fan up to shield their kiss we were able to get the estate, car reflection, fan and kiss all in one picture.

Melissa, Nick and I had just completed making pictures on the pier at the Britannia Yacht Club when they were walking back to the club I had them look back at me quickly to capture fall colours and their style. 

Telicia and Karson were married on a beautiful June day in 2012. To save time both sides of the wedding party met at the Pakenham Bridge where we made this "first look" portrait. Below is one from a series of Telicia and Karson's recessional  - they were able to have confetti because the wedding was in their back yard. 


Perth Wedding Photograph The photograph above was made along the canal in Perth Ontario. Another late night session that yielded wonderful results, as did the one below made looking the other direction at the same location.

For Rhian and Bill's wedding night portrait session Rhian was prepared. With her special shoes for the late night stroll she had Union Jack sneakers and a willingness to show them off. We walked from The National Hotel all the way to the Canal (below) and back on a beautifully chilly September morning.

Ottawa's Convention Centre has been a great backdrop for many couples including Tima & Ramsey during their June 2012 wedding night and for Amanda & Jeff (below) in August 2012.



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Frank Fenn Photographer
Thank you Anne Marie - I love making wedding pictures that aren't cookie cutter. I really appreciate what you are saying because I know you love weddings and share my philosophy that each wedding is custom made!
Anne Marie(non-registered)
Frank, the more I see of your work, the more I love it! You manage to capture the very essence of the couples and their special moments!! And it all looks so natural! I am always proud to recommend you to my brides as you never disappoint!
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