Frank Fenn - Holiday Studio - IDEA3: Blog en-us Frank Fenn [email protected] (Frank Fenn - Holiday Studio - IDEA3) Wed, 25 May 2022 12:09:00 GMT Wed, 25 May 2022 12:09:00 GMT Frank Fenn - Holiday Studio - IDEA3: Blog 91 120 Location Scouting in Merrickville With upcoming events and a major storm that passed through the region on Saturday I went out on Holiday Monday to scout locations for shooting in Merrickville, Ontario. These are the test shots.

LR-LR- LR-1141LR-1141 LR-1159LR-1159 LR-1160LR-1160 LR-1155LR-1155 LR-1189LR-1189 LR-1235LR-1235 LR-1227LR-1227 LR-1267LR-1267 LR-1321LR-1321 LR-1252LR-1252 LR-1251LR-1251 LR-1249LR-1249 LR-1209LR-1209 LR-1206LR-1206 LR-1212LR-1212 LR-1345LR-1345 LR-1350LR-1350 LR-1342LR-1342 LR-1352LR-1352 LR-1354LR-1354 LR-1169LR-1169 LR-1239LR-1239 LR-1258LR-1258 LR-1273LR-1273 LR-1270LR-1270 LR-1210LR-1210 LR-1196LR-1196 LR-1200LR-1200

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Weddings at the Courtyard in the Byward Market Many Brides/Grooms are considering hosting their weddings and receptions at the beautiful Courtyard Restaurant in Ottawa's Byward Market so I am sharing photographs so that, though you cannot visit them at this time, you can see the gorgeousness of it and the surrounding areas perfect for your perfect day.

Brittany and Shawn

086086 BS-102BS-102 BS-50BS-50 BS-132BS-132 BS-223BS-223 BS-228BS-228 BS-234BS-234 BS-236BS-236 BS-240BS-240 BS-274BS-274 BS-276BS-276 BS-300BS-300 BS-298BS-298 BS-301BS-301 BS-380BS-380 BS-409BS-409 BS-413BS-413 BS-386BS-386 BS-415BS-415 BS-450BS-450 BS-453BS-453 BS-470BS-470 BS-468BS-468 BS-530BS-530 BS-583BS-583 BS-646BS-646 BS-656BS-656 BS-658BS-658 BS-649BS-649 BS-670BS-670 BS-693BS-693 BS-730BS-730 BS-751BS-751 BS-746BS-746 BS-769BS-769 BS-793BS-793 BS-832BS-832 BS-863BS-863 BS-859BS-859 BS-891BS-891 BS-889BS-889 BS-929BS-929

Allana and Mike

And while you are at the Courtyard you have access to the Byward Market and Majors Hill Park

JulyByward01wallJulyByward01wall AAA 308AAAA 308A
AAA 405AAA 405 AAA 460AAA 460 AAA 469AAA 469 AAA 358AAA 358 AAA 431AAA 431 AAA 432AAA 432 AAA 417AAA 417 AAA 370AAA 370 HOmePage023HOmePage023 HOmePage053HOmePage053 Along the Rideau Canal Ottawa Downtown Wedding PortraitOttawa Downtown Wedding Portrait The NAC

NAC wedding OttawaNAC wedding Ottawa And Parliament Hill

Peace Tower Wedding PortraitPeace Tower Wedding Portrait

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The Krusty Takeover Project During this latest lockdown photographers are only allowed to do commercial projects (headshots, product and commercial real estate for me). So I'm offering Front Porch Headshot sessions, commercial real estate photography, taking online courses and going for walks to make pictures and honing my skills both in-camera and using photoshop on personal projects like this one:

The Krusty Takeover Project

I am creating a world of buildings where Krusty the Clown is everywhere I go.
Right now the world needs more Krusty. 

Krusty Takeover Project ZZZ-5Krusty Takeover Project ZZZ-5 Krusty Takeover Project ZZZ-2Krusty Takeover Project ZZZ-2 Krusty Takeover Project ZZZ-1Krusty Takeover Project ZZZ-1 Krusty Takeover Project ZZZ-3Krusty Takeover Project ZZZ-3 Krusty Takeover Project ZZZ-8Krusty Takeover Project ZZZ-8 Krusty Takeover Project ZZZ-4Krusty Takeover Project ZZZ-4 Krusty Takeover Project ZZZ-6Krusty Takeover Project ZZZ-6 Krusty Takeover Project ZZZ-7Krusty Takeover Project ZZZ-7

Krusty was not harmed in the making of these pictures - in fact, he happily posed (he only has one pose) inside my product photography station.

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Katie and Mike at Stanley's Olde Maple Lane Farm Katie and Mike's Wedding at Stanley's Olde Maple Lane Farm

Makeup Artist: Rachel 

Photographer: Frank Fenn

00100210010021 00100590010059 0010043A0010043A 00100730010073 00100750010075 0010209A0010209A 00101900010190 00102540010254 00102810010281 00103060010306 0010342E0010342E 0010342C0010342C 0010353A0010353A 0010372C0010372C 0010413A0010413A 00104560010456 00104990010499 00105120010512 00106190010619 00106260010626 00107130010713 00107500010750 0010788A0010788A 00108140010814 00108360010836 00108650010865 00108890010889 00109060010906 00108610010861 0010895A0010895A 00109140010914 00108270010827
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Kirsti and Karl's Wedding Portraits in Smiths Falls AAA 029AAA 029 AAA 033AAA 033 AAA 007AAA 007 AAA 162AAA 162 AAA 201AAA 201 AAA 136AAA 136 AAA 146AAA 146 AAA 448AAA 448 AAA 180AAA 180 AAA 172AAA 172 AAA 131AAA 131    AAA 038AAA 038 AAA 075AAA 075

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Ashly and Mike's Intimate Wedding in Elgin Ontario Ashly and Mike's intimate wedding celebration in the Rideau Lakes.

Make Up Artist: Shilan 

Hair Stylist: Iron and Mane

Photographer: Frank Fenn

AAA 0021AAA 0021 AAA 0033AAA 0033 AAA 0036AAA 0036 AAA 0056AAA 0056 AAA 0113AAA 0113 AAA 0117AAA 0117 AAA 0145AAA 0145 AAA 0146AAA 0146 AAA 0148AAA 0148 AAA 0149AAA 0149 AAA 0138AAA 0138 AAA 0177AAA 0177 AAA 0212AAA 0212 AAA 0228AAA 0228 AAA 0252AAA 0252 AAA 0264AAA 0264 AAA 0287AAA 0287 AAA 0286AAA 0286 AAA 0346AAA 0346 AAA 0350AAA 0350 AAA 0376AAA 0376 AAA 0384AAA 0384 AAA 0422AAA 0422 AAA 0428AAA 0428 AAA 0434AAA 0434 AAA 0402AAA 0402   AAA 0449AAA 0449 AAA 0473AAA 0473 AAA 0459AAA 0459 AAA 0485AAA 0485 AAA 0495AAA 0495 AAA 0497AAA 0497 AAA 0512AAA 0512 AAA 0526AAA 0526 AAA 0540AAA 0540 AAA 0554AAA 0554 AAA 0564AAA 0564 AAA 0576AAA 0576 AAA 0583AAA 0583 AAA 0624AAA 0624 AAA 0620AAA 0620 AAA 0675AAA 0675 AAA 0690AAA 0690 AAA 0695AAA 0695 AAA 0708AAA 0708 AAA 0719AAA 0719 AAA 0731AAA 0731 AAA 0734AAA 0734 AAA 0754AAA 0754 AAA 0769AAA 0769 AAA 0791AAA 0791 AAA 0779AAA 0779 AAA 0806AAA 0806 AAA 0810AAA 0810 AAA 0824AAA 0824 AAA 0831AAA 0831 AAA 0848AAA 0848 AAA 0866AAA 0866 AAA 0883AAA 0883 AAA 0902AAA 0902   AAA 0912AAA 0912 AAA 0922AAA 0922 AAA 0927AAA 0927 AAA 0939AAA 0939 AAA 0946AAA 0946 AAA 0955AAA 0955 AAA 0978AAA 0978 AAA 1000AAA 1000 AAA 1041AAA 1041 AAA 1045AAA 1045 AAA 1052AAA 1052 AAA 1061AAA 1061   AAA 1074AAA 1074   AAA 1086AAA 1086 AAA 1091AAA 1091 AAA 1109AAA 1109 AAA 1106AAA 1106 AAA 1105AAA 1105 AAA 1119AAA 1119 AAA 1125AAA 1125 AAA 1128AAA 1128 AAA 1137AAA 1137 AAA 1146AAA 1146 AAA 1160AAA 1160 AAA 1161AAA 1161 AAA 1188AAA 1188   AAA 1217AAA 1217 AAA 1202AAA 1202   AAA 1253AAA 1253 AAA 1307AAA 1307 AAA 1391AAA 1391 AAA 1390AAA 1390 AAA 1405AAA 1405 AAA 1389AAA 1389 AAA 1398AAA 1398 AAA 1396AAA 1396  

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Kelsey and Brad's wedding at Clyde Hall B&B in Lanark Kelsey & Brad

While the rain threatened on and off throughout it was a beautiful day on the gorgeous grounds at Clyde Hall in Lanark for Kelsey and Brad's intimate wedding.

Venue: Clyde Hall
Officiate: Keith Langille
Hair and Makeup: Marissa and Emily 
Wedding Photography: Frank Fenn 
  A_-7A_-7 A_-43A_-43 ALY-16AALY-16A A_-73A_-73 A_-75A_-75 PREVIEWS-14PREVIEWS-14 A_-106A_-106 A_-126A_-126 A_-143A_-143 A_-169A_-169 PREVIEWS-18PREVIEWS-18 A_-194A_-194 A_-223A_-223 A_-216A_-216 A_-225A_-225 A_-288AA_-288A A_-289AA_-289A A_-305A_-305 A_-304A_-304 A_-321A_-321   A_-309A_-309 A_-327A_-327 A_-353A_-353
A_-378A_-378 A_-364AA_-364A A_-340A_-340 A_-342A_-342 A_-370A_-370 A_-389A_-389 A_-390A_-390 A_-393A_-393 PREVIEWS-33PREVIEWS-33 A_-385A_-385 A_-406A_-406
A_-412A_-412 A_-439A_-439 A_-465A_-465 A_-471A_-471 PREVIEWS-41PREVIEWS-41 A_-503A_-503 PREVIEWS-43PREVIEWS-43 A_-510A_-510 A_-514AA_-514A A_-516A_-516 A_-534A_-534 A_-535AA_-535A A_-552A_-552 A_-540A_-540 A_-561A_-561 A_-564A_-564 A_-566A_-566 A_-572GA_-572G A_-595A_-595 A_-591A_-591 A_-602A_-602 A_-604A_-604 A_-607A_-607 A_-618A_-618 A_-649A_-649 A_-670A_-670 A_-666A_-666 PREVIEWS-97PREVIEWS-97 PREVIEWS-100PREVIEWS-100 A_-708A_-708 A_-712A_-712 A_-727A_-727 A_-732A_-732 A_-746A_-746 A_-765A_-765 PREVIEWS-109PREVIEWS-109 A_-783A_-783 A_-785A_-785 A_-799A_-799 A_-800A_-800 A_-801A_-801 A_-817A_-817 A_-830A_-830
A_-837A_-837 A_-838A_-838

 Telephone or Text 613-276-3351

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Corie and Kris' engagement session in Montreal AAA 052AAA 052 AAA 062AAA 062
AAA 003AAA 003
AAA 103AAA 103 AAA 192AAA 192 AAA 174AAA 174
AAA 154AAA 154 AAA 216AAA 216 AAA 310AAA 310 AAA 290AAA 290 AAA 348AAA 348 AAA 384AAA 384 AAA 403AAA 403 AAA 461AAA 461
CorieV3 AAA 459AAAA 459A BBB572BBB572

[email protected] (Frank Fenn - Holiday Studio - IDEA3) engagement session Frank Fenn old port montreal Mon, 17 Aug 2020 00:36:11 GMT
Kendall and Jordan at Scotch Line Farm and Perth Environmental Portrait Session Kendall and Jordan at Scotch Line Farm and Perth Environmental Portrait Session


KJ11KJ11 KJ-94KJ-94 KJ-155KJ-155 KJ-164KJ-164 KJ-181KJ-181 KJ-220KJ-220 KJ-234KJ-234 KJ5KJ5 KJ4KJ4 KJ-305KJ-305 KJ-332KJ-332 KJ-359KJ-359

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Night time Photography and the Milky Way Ugh! Light pollution is all around.

If you live in the city, you see few stars.

If you live in the country you see them but the Milky Way can be tricky to find or, and I think this is more likely, you just take the stars for granted.

Many people have written about how to do Astro Photography right and I've read them all. Advice for equipment, settings and advice for finding the Milky Way (which we are actually in, so just look out your window, anywhere, and you'll see it) and the best times. And then, you find your spot and you're all set and it's cloudy and, big one here, the sky is not as dark as you thought. Light Pollution.

There are certain times of the year and specific days (nights) of the year when you can find that massive cluster of stars. The view of the universe that can make you feel both insignificant and like the only person in that moment.

I have photographed night portraits of couples for years - mostly in the city and mostly focused on the couple within their immediate environment. Here is one of my favourites of Nikki and Tom. 

Sparks Street Ottawa WeddingSparks Street Ottawa Wedding

But I haven't really made time to go Milky Way Hunting. Sure I've seen all kinds of posts of glorious Milky Way pictures but haven't delved into it... until now. 

Jack and I had gone into Ottawa to make pictures of the city at night but then, coming home late we decided to pull over to see what we could see and to experiment. Here are a few examples from that night.

Milky Way-6Milky Way-6 Milky Way-13Milky Way-13

I learned a few things from that experience, here are some takeaways

1. Focus manually on the screen in live view (feels a bit like being back in a darkroom) when you are in the dark, everything is dark and, even though everything I read promotes using live view I have always been a "through the viewfinder" kind of photographer. Lesson learned.

2. Don't take pictures on the side of a very busy road (we were safely away from traffic but hey you never know with people driving home at 1 a.m. plus you lose a lot of night vision every time a car goes by).

3. Experiment on the fly - get it right and then play.

And here are pictures from last night (somewhere around Kemptville). There was still light pollution (exacerbated by it being a low hanging cloudy night) but I have learned more for an engagement shoot I will be doing next weekend and will experiment with them too!


HR-9HR-9 HR-6HR-6 HR-15HR-15 HR-17HR-17 HR-24AHR-24A
And yes, it was very dark out, here is the setup


And here are the results KatieMike 004ALRKatieMike 004ALR KatieMike 001AKatieMike 001A


[email protected] (Frank Fenn - Holiday Studio - IDEA3) Frank Fenn Milky Way Ottawa Wedding Photographer Mon, 20 Jul 2020 02:12:19 GMT
Sharpening the Saw in Vegas (an obsession with photographing people better every day) 7BB45D94-AF97-4618-B97D-2D5480A6C7CD_1_105_c7BB45D94-AF97-4618-B97D-2D5480A6C7CD_1_105_c

First, I ask you to indulge me as I share some of my personal history...

(TL;DR I am obsessed with photographing people and with learning how to be better every day, now you can skip down and look at pictures)

I always wanted to be a photographer and I didn't know why. I think I was eight when I uncovered my fathers' abandoned old Yashica-Mat twin-lens reflex camera in the glove box of our broken-down station wagon. I remember it like it was yesterday; trying to figure out how all of the mechanics of this complex box worked and pretending to take pictures all around the town of Carp. When I was twelve I was cleaning the newspaper press room when my sister Alison asked me if I wanted to develop her film and print her pictures for the next edition of the Nepean Clarion - I did and so now I had another job on top of cleaning the press room and layout rooms. When I turned 13 they gave me a 35mm camera, a Soligor, and I started to take pictures at all of the local events that no one else wanted to go to and I went along as an assistant at other events too.

Then I went to high school and immediately joined the yearbook. Then the school newspaper. Best part of high school: I had a key to the high school darkroom and skipped classes to use it. I even built a darkroom in my bedroom while working at two newspapers in darkrooms every weekend. I was obsessed. I even photographed a few weddings at that time - and realized that taking pictures for other people is a hell of a way to put pressure on yourself and others.

Here I am in a selfie during high school.


When I finished high school, I was finished with photography. Took a year off. Got married to the love of my life and decided to study creative advertising at Algonquin College (though they called it "Advertising Creative" back then) we even did a course in photography but then didn't pick up a camera again until years later when we were taking pictures of Santa at Hazeldean Mall.

My Niece, Erin, was getting married and asked me to photograph her wedding in Guelph. I did and I also MC'd. And the obsession returned. The following year I photographed four weddings. The year after that I bought all kinds of camera equipment - Hasselblads and Metz - and suddenly was shooting 40 weddings a year. Flash forward to today and I have been the primary photographer at over 500 weddings but the desire to improve with every wedding and every outing is still there. Though the darkroom has been replaced with Lightroom and Photoshop I am even more obsessed with editing my own pictures after each wedding.

And part of the obsession that has stuck with me was the desire to be among other people just as obsessed as I am with photographing people - for years I had wanted to attend WPPI in Las Vegas (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) and 2020 was going to be the year. With prior planning, I had set myself up to take 18 courses in four days and have time to see the sights with my good friend (and equally obsessed wedding photographer/videographer) Bryan Jones.

Here are some highlights from this educational trip to Vegas!



EB4555A6-C482-4795-9B14-5BEF036CBCA0_1_105_cEB4555A6-C482-4795-9B14-5BEF036CBCA0_1_105_c 119FAC5C-25DA-4391-99C3-8BD5A141112E_1_105_c119FAC5C-25DA-4391-99C3-8BD5A141112E_1_105_c 75027AA7-A49A-4C6E-B3F9-9BEE7E6A02AD_1_105_c75027AA7-A49A-4C6E-B3F9-9BEE7E6A02AD_1_105_c C87C239B-054B-4857-9F83-A55D41D7C3F4_1_105_cC87C239B-054B-4857-9F83-A55D41D7C3F4_1_105_c 53F642B5-752A-40D4-AE89-F595C8693FF8_1_105_c53F642B5-752A-40D4-AE89-F595C8693FF8_1_105_c CFBD3486-14AD-4744-B59E-1DEC5C5CA98E_1_105_cCFBD3486-14AD-4744-B59E-1DEC5C5CA98E_1_105_c 5DE57C28-83D8-409D-A6DD-E40C43724C9B_1_105_c5DE57C28-83D8-409D-A6DD-E40C43724C9B_1_105_c 98B77D38-8434-4046-8817-0B4A994003BD_1_105_c98B77D38-8434-4046-8817-0B4A994003BD_1_105_c A0F36FE9-70AA-4B95-9B13-825D18D737DC_1_105_cA0F36FE9-70AA-4B95-9B13-825D18D737DC_1_105_c 5F2ABAF8-1F9A-4E88-9A7C-8A342B5A465B_1_105_c5F2ABAF8-1F9A-4E88-9A7C-8A342B5A465B_1_105_c CC5CD0F7-912B-406F-A9FE-ECA0499C89A1_1_105_cCC5CD0F7-912B-406F-A9FE-ECA0499C89A1_1_105_c C80699E0-4748-4F77-AEE4-CBD2D991493C_1_105_cC80699E0-4748-4F77-AEE4-CBD2D991493C_1_105_c


Session6Session6 Session2Session2

While in Vegas we had to visit the Happy Place - Bryan and I got to take in this interesting venue at Mandalay Bay  Session1Session1

BF680002-80C4-4864-8E13-4B9AA68F07B8_1_105_cBF680002-80C4-4864-8E13-4B9AA68F07B8_1_105_c 1EFC61A1-FCB6-4373-8CB5-C943BA84F101_1_105_c1EFC61A1-FCB6-4373-8CB5-C943BA84F101_1_105_c

It's just a     bunny rabbit


Bryan shared a lot of stories about his favourite parts of downtown Vegas including ones about the Atomic Liqours (Anthony Bourdain's visitD9C41909-3555-4C0E-B765-281F99B50726_1_105_cD9C41909-3555-4C0E-B765-281F99B50726_1_105_c 8EDAF7D3-5A3B-4BE6-B60C-1AD42E1EF6D6_1_105_c8EDAF7D3-5A3B-4BE6-B60C-1AD42E1EF6D6_1_105_c 41293602-1A16-450E-BDDC-732E28DC8908_1_105_c41293602-1A16-450E-BDDC-732E28DC8908_1_105_c BACDFC2F-9284-40DB-BD8F-8EA335476DF3_1_105_cBACDFC2F-9284-40DB-BD8F-8EA335476DF3_1_105_c C3F6B32E-067D-43A5-AEAE-B7D7F4038EDA_1_105_cC3F6B32E-067D-43A5-AEAE-B7D7F4038EDA_1_105_c

Vegas001Vegas001 Vegas20202Vegas20202 Vegas20202-2Vegas20202-2 VEGAS-2VEGAS-2 Vegas20202-5Vegas20202-5 Vegas20202-6Vegas20202-6 Vegas20202-4Vegas20202-4 VEGASBW01-31VEGASBW01-31 Vegas 006Vegas 006 VEGASBW01-34VEGASBW01-34 Vegas2020Vegas2020 Vegas2020-2Vegas2020-2 Vegas2020-3Vegas2020-3 Vegas 008Vegas 008 Vegas2020-4Vegas2020-4 Vegas2020-5Vegas2020-5 Vegas2020-6Vegas2020-6 VEGASBW02-11VEGASBW02-11 Vegas2020-7Vegas2020-7





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Sophia and Anthony AAA 616AAA 616 AAA 906lesmisinspiredAAA 906lesmisinspired
AAA 035AAA 035 AAA 040AAA 040 AAA 204AAA 204 AAA 227AAA 227 AAA 276AAA 276 AAA 283AAA 283 AAA 291AAA 291 AAA 321AAA 321
AAA 307AAAA 307A AAA 337AAAA 337A AAA 333AAA 333
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AAA 570AAA 570 AAA 643AAA 643 AAA 647AAA 647 AAA 674AAA 674 AAA 723AAA 723 AAA 732AAA 732 AAA 740AAA 740 AAA 749AAA 749 AAA 365PortraitAAA 365Portrait    


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Byward Market for Wedding and Engagement Photographs The Byward Market and Majors Hill Park 

Wedding and Engagement Photography Locations in Downtown Ottawa

With its new world charm, modern-day conveniences and great backdrops the Byward Market has always been one of my favourite locations to meet couples to make both wedding and engagement photographs.

This google map (walking tour) starts at Clarendon Lane, home of Mamma Grazi's and the Courtyard Restaurant. goes to the Ottawa Sign, pass by 18 and Oh So Good and through the Jeanne D'Arc Court to Clarence Street where you'll find the Senate Tavern and the Heart & Crown. Continuing over to William Street you will go to a view of Beavertails and the Byward Market Building at the corner of George and William. From here I like to make pictures along George Street on the way to Majors Hill Park for great views of the Peace Tower and the Chateau Laurier. Link to walking Map

June272020-3June272020-3 June272020-4June272020-4 June272020-5June272020-5 June272020-6June272020-6 June272020-7June272020-7 June272020-8June272020-8 June272020-9June272020-9 June272020-12June272020-12 June272020-13June272020-13 June272020-14June272020-14 June272020-28June272020-28 June272020-32June272020-32 June272020-34June272020-34 June272020-37June272020-37

June272020-20June272020-20 June272020-60June272020-60 June272020-63June272020-63 June272020-65June272020-65

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2020 took the wind out of my sails: how I discovered what I have 2020 was going to be a great year.

But then something happened that took the wind out of my (and your?) sails

...but first, here is a video made at Container Park in Las Vegas last February, a month and a moment that for me represents the "Before Times".


On the wedding side of things, a lot of couples (all) had to postpone or change their 2020 wedding plans. I've been fortunate that all of my couples are either rescheduling or holding intimate ceremonies with receptions at a later date. And, to alleviate a lot of stress, I am able to photograph both events for them.

But there is more to my response to this pandemic than just waiting it out. I've found what I am thankful for and see a solid path forward by looking at the past first, learning and adjusting in the present while preparing for the new realities of tomorrow.

The Before Times

I came off of a great Christmas season. I had caring people working in teams photographing Santa at Hazeldean Mall and Mean Green Santa at Billings Bridge. But it wasn't just photography, we were responsible for the system and for each other working as a team at both locations to create experiences that were above expectations. 

The team deserves so much credit - so I will shout out to them (in no particular order) Ted, Frank, Christine, Kathy, Chrissy, Claire, Alain, Bob, Steven, Lisa, Cory, Emma, Kiera, Ionna, Rebecca and Tara.

Santa sleepSanta sleep

The main challenge was people knowingly (and in some cases unknowingly) getting into line ups that would have them waiting for three hours. That's the problem with becoming popular for doing things uniquely the right way - you go a little bit viral and BOOM, you’ve got line ups. Line ups that start early and end late. If your system fails, you go viral in the wrong way, and if it works you win. Our system WORKED. I gotta tell you when you get stopped at Costco by a stranger thanking you for taking their pictures with the "Grinch" you realize the impact you have on the lives of people around you - in spite of the long wait times. 

After such a busy season followed by “nothing” the true understanding that photographs are time machines really sinks in. 

As an offshoot from all of this I was truly surprised by one thing:
it feels great to write paycheques and to pay the rent.


And there is the time I got to photograph these children at Sensory/Silent Santa Sunday, they had me crying (tears of happiness) because they were having so much fun.

Capital Wedding Show
Looking to fill in some dates for weddings in 2020, and getting a jump on 2021, I took the leap and booked a booth at the Capital Wedding Show. It was nice meeting all of the couples with my volunteers (former Brides and a good friend) to help me out. All was good and I handed out a tonne of flyers and then the waiting for calls could start, but in the meantime, it was time to sharpen the saw in two different ways. 

Experimenting with Reservations
We set up Family sessions at Hazeldean Mall on the Sunday of Family Weekend. 

Using online booking software we sold out of 10-minute family sessions within 2 hours of posting - though some people had to cancel due to illness it was so popular that we scheduled more dates in March. This knowledge will really come in handy for Safe Social Distancing Santa photography at Hazeldean and Billings Bridge this Christmas season.

Renewed learning 

There is an annual conference for wedding and portrait photographers (it’s called WPPI). Held in Las Vegas every year I've long held onto the dream of going to WPPI and 2020 was going to be the year. Taking advantage of early booking discounts for flight, hotels and attendance fees I stayed at the Luxor, took in 18 seminar sessions and 4 intensive learning sessions, met some great photographers, had my first In N Out meal, met up with my good friend Bryan Jones and even went to "The Happy Place".

HappyPlaceHappyPlaceBryan Jones and I at the Happy Place in Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas

Bryan Jones shot this slo-mo on my iPhone at the Happy Place (and, yes, that is Bryan doing the jumping high-five with me at the Happy Place)


Vegas2020-7Vegas2020-7 Vegas20202-14Vegas20202-14

Did you know that a Double Double means something different at In N Out? I didn't. But now I like both.


Photowalk session with Scott Johnson in the corridors of Mandalay Bay - model: Payten Lewis


A Pandemic Is Coming
When I came back from Vegas there was talk of a Pandemic and it could be a problem. No one knew how much, or how little, of a problem it would be.


One Last Wedding in "Before Times"
Before everything shut down I did get to photograph Christine and Alex's wedding in early March at the Canadian Golf & Country Club.

Canadian Golf and Country Club Ottawa wedding skyCanadian Golf and Country Club Ottawa wedding sky

And then everything was shut down.

In April we were all set to make pictures with the Easter Bunny at both Hazeldean Mall and Billings Bridge. It was going to be great. Didn't happen. (I even bought a new Bunny Costume which, ironically, arrived from Wuhan Province a week before we were supposed to start).

Time to review and reflect and sharpen the saw some more
The internet is a glorious thing. I've finished all of the Nikon School online courses, completed a Coursera course on Business Modeling and a course on Content Marketing offered up by Hubspot. There are more courses on the near horizon.

Santa never sleeps
Key Santa staff and I had a facetime meeting two weeks ago and discussed the new reality - how to keep families and staff safe while making Santa visits and portraits even better. I was able to bring this to a rough plan form in discussions with shopping centre administration and am working on logistics and protocols to truly wow families this November and December.

Architectural Photography
I've also been getting out to make more pictures - practicing architectural photography (as well as fine art, street and headshots - everywhere I turn there is something else to photograph). There is beauty in buildings and landscapes and I love to get out for moments of zen. Architectural Photography on Instagram.


Old Weddings are New Again
I went as far back as 2010 in reviewing some past weddings, then did some re-edits and posted a selection to Instagram.

Wedding Reflection in GlassWedding Reflection in Glass

2017 Tessa and Lee Night-22017 Tessa and Lee Night-2

And had more time with immediate family making pictures on abandoned railway tracks in Smiths Falls


and recording an audition for University


Through it all I've discovered that talents, skills, experience, a desire to create and empathy are quite a recipe for preparing for the future.

I've been preparing for what I'll get to do again using what I've learned during the last five months (and my entire life). The Pandemic may not be over, not yet and not by a long shot, and I know there is so much more to do and learn. I have always known that the winds will change from ideal to nothing to a gut-splitting 180-degree turn but the best way to be of service is to adjust my sails and hold on tight leaning in to share the gifts that I've been given and have worked for in helping others to uncover their own gifts.


Here are some of the other pictures I made during the Pandemic Shut-Down

Ottawa 2020 06 07-9Ottawa 2020 06 07-9


Fullmoon-5Fullmoon-5 Capone-8ACapone-8A

Ottawa 2020 06 07-24Ottawa 2020 06 07-24 Carleton Place-2Carleton Place-2 Cattle-3Cattle-3 June272020-21June272020-21 Milky Way-11Milky Way-11 Mitch-3Mitch-3 CTC2LRCTC2LR Ontheroad-6Ontheroad-6 Ottawa 2020 06 07-17Ottawa 2020 06 07-17 Ottawa 2020 06 07-20Ottawa 2020 06 07-20 Peace Tower-6Peace Tower-6 Raindrops-28Raindrops-28 SMITHS FALLS SQSMITHS FALLS SQ SnowbirdsoverSmithsFallsSnowbirdsoverSmithsFalls

I even found some old film negatives featuring, among other things, mirror selfies of my teenaged self



[email protected] (Frank Fenn - Holiday Studio - IDEA3) Frank Fenn Ottawa Engagement Session Ottawa Wedding Photography pandemic serving sharpen the saw Sun, 28 Jun 2020 19:19:29 GMT
Kailyn and Luke's engagement session AAA-10AAA-10 AAA-116AAA-116 AAA-128AAA-128 AAA-51AAA-51 AAA-64AAA-64 AAA-166AAA-166 AAA-95AAA-95

AAA-233AAAA-233A CCC-1CCC-1 AAA-343AAA-343 AAA-224AAA-224 AAA-212AAA-212 AAA-299AAA-299

[email protected] (Frank Fenn - Holiday Studio - IDEA3) Frank Fenn Ottawa Engagement Session Ottawa Wedding Photographer Ottawa Wedding Photography Sat, 27 Jul 2019 18:38:39 GMT
Dana and Ryan's Wedding Photographs in Stittsville and Ottawa StittsvilleWedding081AStittsvilleWedding081A StittsvilleWedding051StittsvilleWedding051 StittsvilleWedding052StittsvilleWedding052 StittsvilleWedding053StittsvilleWedding053 StittsvilleWedding054StittsvilleWedding054 StittsvilleWedding055StittsvilleWedding055 StittsvilleWedding056StittsvilleWedding056 StittsvilleWedding057StittsvilleWedding057 StittsvilleWedding058StittsvilleWedding058 StittsvilleWedding059StittsvilleWedding059 StittsvilleWedding060StittsvilleWedding060 StittsvilleWedding061StittsvilleWedding061 StittsvilleWedding062StittsvilleWedding062 StittsvilleWedding063StittsvilleWedding063 StittsvilleWedding064StittsvilleWedding064 StittsvilleWedding065StittsvilleWedding065 StittsvilleWedding066StittsvilleWedding066 StittsvilleWedding067StittsvilleWedding067 StittsvilleWedding068StittsvilleWedding068 StittsvilleWedding069StittsvilleWedding069 StittsvilleWedding070StittsvilleWedding070 StittsvilleWedding071StittsvilleWedding071 StittsvilleWedding072StittsvilleWedding072 StittsvilleWedding073StittsvilleWedding073 StittsvilleWedding074StittsvilleWedding074 StittsvilleWedding075StittsvilleWedding075 StittsvilleWedding076StittsvilleWedding076 StittsvilleWedding077StittsvilleWedding077 StittsvilleWedding078StittsvilleWedding078 StittsvilleWedding079StittsvilleWedding079 StittsvilleWedding080StittsvilleWedding080 StittsvilleWedding081StittsvilleWedding081

[email protected] (Frank Fenn - Holiday Studio - IDEA3) Frank Fenn Ottawa Wedding Photographer Ottawa Wedding Photography Rideau Canal Wedding Pictures Sat, 27 Jul 2019 17:44:40 GMT
Deb and Tom's Wedding at the RCAF Officers Mess, Swiss Hotel and Rockeries OttawaWedding037AOttawaWedding037A OttawaWedding029OttawaWedding029 OttawaWedding030OttawaWedding030 OttawaWedding031OttawaWedding031 OttawaWedding032OttawaWedding032 OttawaWedding033OttawaWedding033 OttawaWedding034OttawaWedding034 OttawaWedding035OttawaWedding035 OttawaWedding036OttawaWedding036 OttawaWedding037OttawaWedding037 OttawaWedding038OttawaWedding038 OttawaWedding039OttawaWedding039 OttawaWedding040OttawaWedding040 OttawaWedding041OttawaWedding041 OttawaWedding042OttawaWedding042 OttawaWedding043OttawaWedding043 OttawaWedding044OttawaWedding044 OttawaWedding045OttawaWedding045 OttawaWedding046OttawaWedding046 OttawaWedding047OttawaWedding047 OttawaWedding048OttawaWedding048 OttawaWedding049OttawaWedding049 OttawaWedding050OttawaWedding050

[email protected] (Frank Fenn - Holiday Studio - IDEA3) Frank Fenn Ottawa Wedding Photographer Ottawa Wedding Photography Ottawa Wedding Venues Sat, 27 Jul 2019 17:38:54 GMT
Jessica and Lachi Wedding at Strathmere Strathmere028AStrathmere028A Strathmere001Strathmere001 Strathmere002Strathmere002 Strathmere003Strathmere003 Strathmere004Strathmere004 Strathmere005Strathmere005 Strathmere006Strathmere006 Strathmere007Strathmere007 Strathmere008Strathmere008 Strathmere009Strathmere009 Strathmere010Strathmere010 Strathmere011Strathmere011 Strathmere012Strathmere012 Strathmere013Strathmere013 Strathmere014Strathmere014 Strathmere015Strathmere015 Strathmere016Strathmere016 Strathmere017Strathmere017 Strathmere018Strathmere018 Strathmere019Strathmere019 Strathmere020Strathmere020 Strathmere021Strathmere021 Strathmere022Strathmere022 Strathmere023Strathmere023 Strathmere024Strathmere024 Strathmere025Strathmere025 Strathmere026Strathmere026 Strathmere027Strathmere027 Strathmere028Strathmere028

[email protected] (Frank Fenn - Holiday Studio - IDEA3) Frank Fenn Ottawa Wedding Photography Ottawa Wedding Venues Strathmere Sat, 27 Jul 2019 17:36:42 GMT
Portraits of Ottawa Canadian Tire Centre Colin WhiteiPhonePosterCanadian Tire Centre Colin WhiteiPhonePoster March2019-18aMarch2019-18a A-28-2A-28-2 PhoPho RideauStreetRideauStreet A-1-2A-1-2 A-8-2AAAA-8-2AAA B0386B0386 B0347B0347 OttawaBankStreet -3OttawaBankStreet -3 B0383B0383 LOISFRIMASLOISFRIMAS BeaverTailsBywardMarketABeaverTailsBywardMarketA BeavertailsBeavertails FEB09-9FEB09-9 ElephantElephant KaashiFoodCentreKaashiFoodCentre Ottawa China TownOttawa China Town B0334B0334 B0333B0333 ChristTheSaviourChristTheSaviour YangtzeYangtze B0387B0387 National-War-MemorialNational-War-Memorial warmemorialAwarmemorialA Chateau-Laurier-Ottawa16x48Chateau-Laurier-Ottawa16x48 Shopify Elgin StreetShopify Elgin Street B0349B0349 HandprintsHandprints B0153B0153 Ottawa China Town ArchOttawa China Town Arch CanadianTireCentre16x48CanadianTireCentre16x48 Supreme Court Ottawa SummerSupreme Court Ottawa Summer Ottawa Supreme Court Statues001Ottawa Supreme Court Statues001 OttawaPictures 0001OttawaPictures 0001 Ottawa Lock Bridge 007Ottawa Lock Bridge 007 Ottawa Lock Bridge 008Ottawa Lock Bridge 008 Ottawa Lock Bridge 011Ottawa Lock Bridge 011 Ottawa Suzy Q Square FormatOttawa Suzy Q Square Format Ottawa Lock Bridge 010Ottawa Lock Bridge 010 Ottawa Tacos Square FormatOttawa Tacos Square Format Ottawa Canadian Tire Centre 25 24x36 FormatOttawa Canadian Tire Centre 25 24x36 Format FEB09-10FEB09-10 FEB09-14FEB09-14 FEB09-21FEB09-21 March2019-14aMarch2019-14a june-36june-36 March2019-19March2019-19 March2019-17March2019-17 Ott-57Ott-57 Ottawa-2Ottawa-2 Ottawa-1Ottawa-1 A-9-2A-9-2 A-8-2AAAA-8-2AAA A-35-2A-35-2 AAA-1-4AAA-1-4 AAA-5aAAA-5a AAA-8AAA-8 AAA-10AAA-10 March2019-20March2019-20 Panorama5bPanorama5b Panorama4aPanorama4a Panorama3aPanorama3a Panorama7aPanorama7a ottawa-14ottawa-14 ottawa-12ottawa-12

[email protected] (Frank Fenn - Holiday Studio - IDEA3) Fine Art Ottawa Ottawa Sun, 16 Jun 2019 19:04:58 GMT
Ottawa - Parliament Hill and Peace Tower Ottawa River Parliament HillOttawa River Parliament Hill RideauCanal16x48RideauCanal16x48 CanalPanoramaIceLevelCanalPanoramaIceLevel Peace Tower Ottawa 0005Peace Tower Ottawa 0005 Peace Tower Ottawa 0006Peace Tower Ottawa 0006 Byward4-1-3Byward4-1-3 PeaceTower1-1PeaceTower1-1 PeaceTower2-1PeaceTower2-1 PeaceTower3-1PeaceTower3-1 PeaceTower4-1PeaceTower4-1 PeaceTower5-1PeaceTower5-1 RideauCanalMackenzieKingBridge01RideauCanalMackenzieKingBridge01 Byward2-2Byward2-2

[email protected] (Frank Fenn - Holiday Studio - IDEA3) parliament hill Peace Tower Sun, 16 Jun 2019 18:56:23 GMT
Stratford Ontario Stratford 01Stratford 01 Stratford 02Stratford 02 Stratford 03Stratford 03 Stratford 05Stratford 05 Stratford 06Stratford 06 Stratford 07Stratford 07 Stratford 08Stratford 08 Stratford 09Stratford 09 Stratford 10Stratford 10 Stratford 11Stratford 11 Stratford 12Stratford 12

[email protected] (Frank Fenn - Holiday Studio - IDEA3) Stratford Sun, 16 Jun 2019 18:47:22 GMT
Favourite Wedding and Engagement Photographs 0000010 Bride and Groom First Dance Infinity Convention Centre0000010 Bride and Groom First Dance Infinity Convention Centre 00020 Bride and Groom in car00020 Bride and Groom in car 00016 Bride and Groom back of classic car00016 Bride and Groom back of classic car 00000013 Bride and Groom Chip Wagon00000013 Bride and Groom Chip Wagon BE003BE003 AAA 0289AAA 0289 AAA 0348AAA 0348 AAA 0788AAA 0788 AAA 0915AAA 0915 AAA 1014AAA 1014 AAA 1147AAA 1147 00003 Bride and Groom00003 Bride and Groom AAA-1cAAA-1c AAA 1475AAA 1475 AAA 1608AAA 1608 00005 Bride and Groom00005 Bride and Groom AAA 1742AAA 1742 AAA 1773AAA 1773 AmandaPatrick0002AmandaPatrick0002 Alt-1-10Alt-1-10 Wedding portrait at Bistro L'alambic HullWedding portrait at Bistro L'alambic Hull 00002 Bride00002 Bride 000022 Bride and Groom Bistro La'lambic000022 Bride and Groom Bistro La'lambic Wedding at StrathmereWedding at Strathmere Wedding at StrathmereWedding at Strathmere A    0076A 0076 A    0227A 0227 Aiepi-1Aiepi-1 Bride at StonefieldsBride at Stonefields AAA   0013AAA 0013 AAA   0014AAA 0014 AAA   0016AAA 0016 Wedding ceremony at StonefieldsWedding ceremony at Stonefields Wedding Ceremony at StonefieldsWedding Ceremony at Stonefields Wedding Ceremony at StonefieldsWedding Ceremony at Stonefields AAA   0163AAA 0163 AAA   0164AAA 0164 A    1293A 1293 AAA   0213AAA 0213 Panorama1Panorama1 A   0100A 0100 Next Wedding Bridal Party PortraitNext Wedding Bridal Party Portrait AAA   0454AAA 0454 HR  0584HR 0584 HR  0780HR 0780 HR  0924HR 0924 000019 Bride and Groom Tori's Garden000019 Bride and Groom Tori's Garden 0000015 Bride and Groom Canadian Golf and Country Club0000015 Bride and Groom Canadian Golf and Country Club HR  1029HR 1029 HR  1187HR 1187 000011 Bride and Groom with old tractor000011 Bride and Groom with old tractor TL-833TL-833 TL-954TL-954 TL-961TL-961 AAA 0913AAA 0913 Private lake wedding portrait on dockPrivate lake wedding portrait on dock 00006 Ballroom00006 Ballroom NatalieHaneefEsession103NatalieHaneefEsession103 Peace Tower Ottawa wedding portraitPeace Tower Ottawa wedding portrait CanadianBrideFrankFennE004CanadianBrideFrankFennE004 CanadianBrideFrankFennW005CanadianBrideFrankFennW005 000018 Bride and Groom at Brookstreet000018 Bride and Groom at Brookstreet Hardy Park wedding portraitHardy Park wedding portrait 000008 Bride Royal Ottawa Golf000008 Bride Royal Ottawa Golf PanoramaOttawaPhotographybyFrankFenn030PanoramaOttawaPhotographybyFrankFenn030 Kanata BrideKanata Bride Saunders Farm Wedding GroomSaunders Farm Wedding Groom A   0369A 0369 A   0568A 0568 A   0630A 0630 A   0709A 0709 000014 Bride and Groom Maze at Saunders Farm000014 Bride and Groom Maze at Saunders Farm A   0776A 0776 000021 Bride and Groom Saunders Farm000021 Bride and Groom Saunders Farm LL002LL002 Wedding at NextWedding at Next AAA   0102AAA 0102 AAA   0140AAA 0140 PanoramicPanoramic AAA 0343AAA 0343 AAA 0764AAA 0764 AAA 0775AAA 0775 AAA 0809AAA 0809 00004 Bride and Groom00004 Bride and Groom

[email protected] (Frank Fenn - Holiday Studio - IDEA3) Frank Fenn Ottawa Engagement Session Ottawa Wedding Photographer Ottawa Wedding Photography Weddings Wed, 12 Jun 2019 22:05:08 GMT
Dana and Roger at Greyhawk Golf Club A -43A -43 A -57A -57 A -62A -62 A -74A -74 A -216A -216 A -307A -307 A -309A -309 A -336A -336 A -350A -350 A -446A -446 A -407A -407 A -519A -519 A -632A -632 B-2B-2 A -661A -661 B-10B-10 A -674A -674 A -713A -713 A -722A -722 A -737A -737 A -741A -741 A -1033A -1033 A -804A -804

[email protected] (Frank Fenn - Holiday Studio - IDEA3) Sat, 08 Jun 2019 18:53:31 GMT
Timeless Wedding Shot List Timeless Wedding Shot List by Frank Fenn

Downloadable PDF Version













Bouquet of Flowers


Rings, Flowers, Invitation, Shoes, Garter and Bouquet Combination


Other Mementos:


Wedding Gown - hanging in window/door


Wedding Gown - close up details


Wedding Gown with Attendants Gowns


Attendants Gowns


Mementos on fridge (calendars, RSVPS etc.)


House from outside


Decor elements inside house


Car decorated 




Hair Tools


Make up Tools




Champagne glasses and other related items







Bride Having Hair/Makeup done


Bride Close up artsy shot of Make up being done


Bridesmaids having hair and make up done


Entire scene of activities


Candids of activities


Bridal Gown being placed on Bride


Bridal Gown being buttoned/zipped by special person


Bride on stairs


Bride on front steps


Bride head and shoulders portrait


Bride full frame showing train with/without bouquet


Bride 3/4 bust portrait with/without bouquet


Bride with eyes closed holding bouquet to smell


Bride in line shot with Attendants


Bride with each Attendant


Bride meeting parents - placing flowers on them


Bride with Mother


Bride with Mother and Father


Bride with Mother, Father and Siblings


Bride with Father


Bride with all who are present


Bride and Attendants, less formal walking down road/on steps/on seats









Groom shaving/tying tie


Groom Close up rugged shot


Attendants shaving/tying ties/putting flowers on


Entire scene of activities


Candids of activities


Groom with Attendants


Groom with each Attendant


Groom Head and Shoulders Portrait


Groom Full Frame 


Groom 3/4 Bust Portrait


Groom with Mother


Groom with Mother and Father


Groom with Mother, Father and Siblings


Groom with Father


Groom with all that are present


Groom and Attendants walking on street







Overall setting


Decor elements


Holy Book






Guests arriving


Guests mingling


Usher holding program


Exterior of venue


Arrival of Groom with Attendants


Architectural details


Arrival of Bride


Special vehicles







Parent/Grandparents being escorted in


Grooms Attendants processional


Brides Attendants processional


Bride processional


Veil lift




Overall view from front showing guests


Overall view from back showing guests


Exterior of venue






Candle lighting


Ring Exchange


The Kiss


Registry signing


Candid congratulations




Group photograph








Bride with Brides Parents


Bride and Groom with Brides Parents


Bride with Brides Family


Bride and Groom with Brides Family


Bride and Groom with Brides Extended Family


Bride and Groom with Both Extended Families


Bride and Groom with Both Families


Bride and Groom with Grooms Extended Families


Bride and Groom with Grooms Family


Groom with Grooms Family


Groom with Grooms Parents


Groom and Bride with Grooms Parents


Groom and Bride with Grandparent(s)


Groom and Bride with their Siblings


Groom with Grooms Siblings


Groom and Bride with Grooms Siblings


Bride with Brides Siblings


Bride and Groom with Brides Siblings


______ with Godparent(s)


______ with honoured guest(s)


______ with friends of family








Bride with Attendants


Bride and Groom with Brides Attendants


Bride with each Attendant


Bride and Groom with each Attendant


Bride and Groom with Brides and Grooms Attendants




Bride and Groom with Grooms Attendants


Groom with Grooms Attendants


Groom with each Grooms Attendant


Candid photographs of Attendants




Bride and Groom with All Attendants Structured


Bride and Groom with All Attendants unstructured


Bride and Groom with All Attendants walking towards camera








Couple close up


Couple close up looking away from camera


Couple 3/4 bust


Couple 3/4 bust looking away from camera


Couple full frame


Couple full frame looking away from camera


Couple ring hands on hip


Couple ring hands on flowers


Couple in front of venue/steps showing building


Couple in flower garden showing area


Couple walking along path from behind


Couple walking along path from front - looking at each other


Couple walking along path from behind - looking back at camera


Couple stopped on path kissing


Couple in tall grass or corn field or reflected in window kissing


Couple in panoramic scene


Couple in street scene


Couple in grass from above


Couple at monument


Couple lifts


Couple on ground through flowers


Couple making faces








Candids during cocktails


Table details


Room without guests


Wedding Cake


Wedding Party being announced in


Cutting of wedding cake


First dance


Head table


MC Speaking


Each Speech maker


Each Dinner Course


Guest table shots


Parent dances


Grandparent dances


Candid dancing pictures


Bouquet toss


Garter toss


Nighttime portraits outside venue







[email protected] (Frank Fenn - Holiday Studio - IDEA3) Frank Fenn Ottawa Wedding Photographer Ottawa Wedding Photography Shot List Wed, 06 Mar 2019 02:24:25 GMT
Wedding Venues in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario Wedding Venues in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario

Stonefields Estate

Website: Stonefields Estate
Google Maps: Stonefields on Google Maps

A    0678A 0678 A    0786A 0786 A    1131A 1131

A    1607A 1607
A    1719A 1719

Website: Strathmere
Google Maps: Strathmere Google Maps


AAA-1721dAAA-1721d   AAA-1163AAA-1163 A   0727A 0727 A   0802A 0802 A   0319A 0319 A   0832A 0832

A   0959A 0959 es-45es-45   es-81es-81 es-152es-152
The Canadian Golf and Country Club

Website: Canadian Golf & Country Club
Google Maps: Canadian Golf & Country Club on Google Maps

HR  0584HR 0584 HR  0915HR 0915 HR  0597HR 0597 HR  1348HR 1348 HR  1008HR 1008
AAA-63AAA-63 AAA-88AAA-88 AAA-123AAA-123

Royal Ottawa Golf Club

Website: Royal Ottawa Golf Club

Google maps: Royal Ottawa Golf Club on Google Maps

LMLR-360LMLR-360 LMLR-736LMLR-736 LMLR-920LMLR-920 LMLR-1478LMLR-1478   LMHR-1898bLMHR-1898b Saunders Farm

Website: Saunders Farm
Google Maps: Saunders Farm on Google Maps

A   0376A 0376 A   0547A 0547 A   0618A 0618 A   0951A 0951 A   1334A 1334  

Ottawa Wedding Chapel

Website: Ottawa Wedding Chapel
Google Maps: Ottawa Wedding Chapel on Google Maps Untitled_Panorama1fFBUntitled_Panorama1fFB ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-43ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-43 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-124ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-124 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-139ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-139


Website: Evermore
Google Maps: Evermore on Google Maps

LR-1121LR-1121 LR-1361LR-1361 Untitled_Panorama22Untitled_Panorama22 LR-1868LR-1868 LR-2005LR-2005

The Gazebo at Rockliffe Park

Website: NCC
Google Maps: Rockliffe Park Pavillion on Google Maps

BBB-836BBB-836 BBB-861BBB-861



BBB-972BBB-972 BBB-1110BBB-1110  

The Courtyard Restaurant in the Byward Market

Website: Courtyard Restaurant
Google Maps: Courtyard Restaurant on Google Maps

BS-223BS-223 BS-245BS-245 BS-285BS-285 BS-386BS-386 BS-435BS-435 BS-459BS-459 BS-536BS-536 BS-673BS-673 BS-693BS-693 BS-715BS-715 BS-832BS-832 BS-890BS-890

Kanata Golf and Country Club

Website: Kanata Golf & Country Club
Google Maps: Kanata Golf & Country Club on Google Maps AAA 0626AAA 0626 AAA 0648AAA 0648 AAA 0641AAA 0641 AAA 0668AAA 0668 AAA 0669AAA 0669 AAA 0729AAA 0729 AAA 0762AAA 0762 AAA 0785AAA 0785 AAA 0781AAA 0781 AAA 0839AAA 0839 AAA 1152AAA 1152 AAA 1146AAA 1146 AAA 1160AAA 1160 AAA 1190AAA 1190 AAA 1356AAA 1356 AAA 1354AAA 1354 AAA 1375AAA 1375 AAA 1415AAA 1415 AAA 1436AAA 1436 AAA 1437AAA 1437 AAA 1490AAA 1490

Infinity Convention Centre

Website: Infinity Convention Centre
Google Maps: Infinity Convention Centre on Google Maps

AAA 0328AAA 0328 AAA 0504AAA 0504 AAA 0693AAA 0693 AAA 0958AAA 0958 AAA 0973AAA 0973



[email protected] (Frank Fenn - Holiday Studio - IDEA3) Canadian Golf and Country Club Courtyard Restaurant Evermore Infinity Convention Centre Kanata Golf and Country Club ottawa wedding Chapel Rockliffe Park Gazebo Royal Ottawa Golf Club Saunders Farm Stonefields Strathmere Weddings Fri, 18 Jan 2019 04:10:27 GMT
Night Portraits by Frank Fenn Wedding Night Portraits by Frank Fenn
Ottawa, Eastern Ontario, Western Quebec and available for southern and Canadian destinations

Sometimes some of the best nighttime portraits can be made in publicly accessed closed places like Pong's Poutine on the Carp Road. We made this portrait of Tessa and Lee after their beautiful June wedding at the Canadian Golf & Country Club. Click to see more of their wedding. Parliament Hill Night Portrait wedding Frank FennParliament Hill Night Portrait wedding Frank Fenn
It wouldn't be Ottawa without pictures at Parliament Hill - Nikki and Tom were ready willing and able to make the night portraits at this time because they saw what we did with their friends, Melissa and Rick, one year earlier. Yes, this picture was made at 2:20 a.m. and yes, it has been edited for lighting and balance and to remove people staying warm by the fire (as well as other imposing structures). Click to see their entire wedding day.

Ottawa Downtown Wedding PortraitOttawa Downtown Wedding Portrait
Speaking of Melissa and Rick!
Again, we made this portrait after 2 a.m. but this one was made in the pouring rain under the Mackenzie King Bridge. Melissa and Rick's wedding reception was held at the Westin Hotel and we stayed till the lights came and had the opportunity to go out with them. Click to see entire wedding. Carp Fair Wedding Portrait at nightCarp Fair Wedding Portrait at night
Sometimes you get lucky and there is a fair going on. We were able to make this picture at the Carp Fair (in, guess where!) at 1 in the morning. Empty fairgrounds make for an interesting backdrop to couples' portraits and security gave us 20 minutes to work with, and that is all we needed.
Peace Tower Wedding PortraitPeace Tower Wedding Portrait
More Peace Tower!
In the summer months tourism in Ottawa is heavy, especially when the light show is on. Katiesue and Scott had an early daytime wedding and afternoon reception - giving us the chance to meet up with them at their hotel in downtown Ottawa and walk around from 7 till 9 p.m. Wherever there are tourists there are opportunities to edit them out, and boy did I have to go to town on people removal for this one, but the results are a place where they can go back and reminisce with their children and maybe even great grandchildren.

Tracy Sean Ottawa wedding parking lotAAATracy Sean Ottawa wedding parking lotAAA
Sometimes a parking lot can be cool.
This portrait of Sean and Tracey was made after their reception as we went for a walk to their Hotel making pictures along the way. Urban art makes for a great background too - as you will see below - especially as they are in the same parking lot. Click to see their entire wedding day.

Sean Tracy Ottawa Wedding RCAF Officers Mess Gloucester StreetSean Tracy Ottawa Wedding RCAF Officers Mess Gloucester Street
Golf Courses too.
So, you have your reception at a golf course, nice during the day but not so sure about night? This portrait of Laila and Matthew was made on the first tee at the Royal Ottawa golf club in Aylmer, Quebec - and though we didn't venture any further we made a portrait that has a clear starry night.
Click to see their entire wedding day.

le Belvedere at night.
Beautiful during the day, gorgeous at night. Taking a break from their party, Mandy and Eric, posed for this night portrait under the chandelier. Some people were edited out of this picture but you wouldn't have known this if I hadn't told you.

Indoors at night at the Infinity Centre.
Tiffany and Cal's wedding was held in February, without opportunity to make pictures outdoors there were not any problems. This is one of those places where they have spot lights following the couple on their first dance - that and a fog machine ... which makes for challenges for flashes.
Riu Palace Jamaica WeddingRiu Palace Jamaica Wedding
Of course, when you have a destination wedding you have time to make night portraits like this one with Natalie and Haneef in Jamaica.
Sparks Street Ottawa WeddingSparks Street Ottawa Wedding
The Bank of Canada Building on Sparks Street is really cool at night with opportunities for different angles like this one with Nikki and Tom and the pillars out front.

This portrait was made at Saunders Farm during a super moon, Saunders no longer allow sparklers (which makes a lot of sense)

A   1334A 1334 Kingston WeddingKingston Wedding
Back alleys can be fun to photograph in, this one is on Princess Street in Kingston. NAC wedding OttawaNAC wedding Ottawa
The NAC has beautiful views of the city including this view of Shaw Centre.
This is the tunnel at the Marshes Golf Club - while the owners of the golf course were probably not pleased with the urban art it made for a bit of grit in this picture best seen in black & white. Ottawa Wedding PhotographyOttawa Wedding Photography
There is something about construction sites that just invite wedding pictures to be made. Strathmere Wedding in WinterStrathmere Wedding in Winter
Winter weddings are nothing but darkness after 5 p.m. - this one was made at Strathmere on an incredibly frigid December evening. Stonefields WeddingStonefields Wedding The wonderful setting at Stonefields lends itself to make night portraits.

A    2117A 2117

Staying in a hotel room with a view? After all is said and done you can pose in the window while I make pictures - loving the guy shoveling the snow underneath their room. It was a cold and snowy day - well worth frozen fingers.
Even making night portraits in the forest is amazing. Ottawa Wedding PhotographyOttawa Wedding Photography Rideau Centre Ottawa Wedding in Parking GarageRideau Centre Ottawa Wedding in Parking Garage Perth Wedding PhotographPerth Wedding Photograph Ottawa Little Italy Wedding PhotographyOttawa Little Italy Wedding Photography Picton WeddingPicton Wedding Carp wedding portrait at nightCarp wedding portrait at night Byward market weddingByward market wedding

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Catherine and JF's wedding at the Ottawa Wedding Chapel and Bistro L'alambic Catherine and JF
The Ottawa Wedding Chapel and Bistro L'alambic

photography by Frank Fenn, email: [email protected] Telephone or Text 613-276-3351 main007XHomepagemain007XHomepage ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-1ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-1 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-7ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-7 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-8ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-8 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-24ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-24    ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-26ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-26 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-29ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-29 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-30ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-30 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-31ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-31 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-32ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-32 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-33ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-33 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-34ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-34 ottawa wedding chapel by frank 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frank fenn-64ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-64    ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-68ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-68 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-73ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-73 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-74ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-74 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-77ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-77 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-80ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-80 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-81ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-81 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-82ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-82 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-83ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-83 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-85ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-85 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-86ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-86 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-89ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-89 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-101ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-101 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-105ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-105 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-108ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-108 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-110ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-110 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-121ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-121 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-117ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-117 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-118ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-118 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-119ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-119 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-120ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-120    ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-124ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-124 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-125ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-125 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-126ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-126 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-140ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-140 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-143ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-143 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-144ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-144 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-147ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-147 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-164ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-164 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-169ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-169 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-170ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-170 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-135ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-135 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-138ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-138 PART1-585PART1-585 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-179ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-179 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-180ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-180 ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-184ottawa wedding chapel by frank fenn-184 Bistro Lalambic Wedding003Bistro Lalambic Wedding003 Bistro Lalambic Wedding005Bistro Lalambic Wedding005 Bistro Lalambic Wedding008Bistro Lalambic Wedding008 Bistro Lalambic Wedding009Bistro Lalambic Wedding009 Bistro Lalambic Wedding011Bistro Lalambic Wedding011

Bistro Lalambic Wedding012Bistro Lalambic Wedding012 Bistro Lalambic Wedding013Bistro Lalambic Wedding013 Bistro Lalambic Wedding014Bistro Lalambic Wedding014 Bistro Lalambic Wedding015Bistro Lalambic Wedding015 Bistro Lalambic Wedding016Bistro Lalambic Wedding016 Bistro Lalambic Wedding018Bistro Lalambic Wedding018 Bistro Lalambic Wedding021Bistro Lalambic Wedding021 Bistro Lalambic Wedding022Bistro Lalambic Wedding022 Bistro Lalambic Wedding023Bistro Lalambic Wedding023 Bistro Lalambic Wedding024Bistro Lalambic Wedding024 Bistro Lalambic Wedding025Bistro Lalambic Wedding025 Bistro Lalambic Wedding027Bistro Lalambic Wedding027 Bistro Lalambic Wedding029Bistro Lalambic Wedding029 Bistro Lalambic Wedding030Bistro Lalambic Wedding030 Bistro Lalambic Wedding031Bistro Lalambic Wedding031 Bistro Lalambic Wedding032Bistro Lalambic Wedding032 Bistro Lalambic Wedding033Bistro Lalambic Wedding033 Bistro Lalambic Wedding035Bistro Lalambic Wedding035 Bistro Lalambic Wedding036Bistro Lalambic Wedding036 Bistro Lalambic Wedding039Bistro Lalambic Wedding039 Bistro Lalambic Wedding040Bistro Lalambic Wedding040 Bistro Lalambic Wedding041Bistro Lalambic Wedding041 Bistro Lalambic Wedding042Bistro Lalambic Wedding042 Bistro Lalambic Wedding043Bistro Lalambic Wedding043 Bistro Lalambic Wedding044Bistro Lalambic Wedding044 Bistro Lalambic Wedding047Bistro Lalambic Wedding047 Bistro Lalambic Wedding049Bistro Lalambic Wedding049 Bistro Lalambic Wedding051Bistro Lalambic Wedding051 Bistro Lalambic Wedding052Bistro Lalambic Wedding052 Bistro Lalambic Wedding054Bistro Lalambic Wedding054 Bistro Lalambic Wedding055Bistro Lalambic Wedding055 Bistro Lalambic Wedding057Bistro Lalambic Wedding057 Bistro Lalambic Wedding059Bistro Lalambic Wedding059 Bistro Lalambic Wedding063Bistro Lalambic Wedding063 Bistro Lalambic Wedding064Bistro Lalambic Wedding064 Bistro Lalambic Wedding065Bistro Lalambic Wedding065 Bistro Lalambic Wedding067Bistro Lalambic Wedding067 Bistro Lalambic Wedding068Bistro Lalambic Wedding068 Bistro Lalambic Wedding070Bistro Lalambic Wedding070 Bistro Lalambic Wedding071Bistro Lalambic Wedding071 Bistro Lalambic Wedding074Bistro Lalambic Wedding074 Bistro Lalambic Wedding076Bistro Lalambic Wedding076 Bistro Lalambic Wedding077Bistro Lalambic Wedding077 Bistro Lalambic Wedding078Bistro Lalambic Wedding078 Bistro Lalambic Wedding079Bistro Lalambic Wedding079 Bistro Lalambic Wedding083Bistro Lalambic Wedding083 Bistro Lalambic Wedding084Bistro Lalambic Wedding084 Bistro Lalambic Wedding088Bistro Lalambic Wedding088 Bistro Lalambic Wedding089Bistro Lalambic Wedding089 Bistro Lalambic Wedding093Bistro Lalambic Wedding093 Bistro Lalambic Wedding094Bistro Lalambic Wedding094 Bistro Lalambic Wedding097Bistro Lalambic Wedding097 Bistro Lalambic Wedding099Bistro Lalambic Wedding099 PART5-47PART5-47 Bistro Lalambic Wedding100Bistro Lalambic Wedding100 Bistro Lalambic Wedding102Bistro Lalambic Wedding102 Bistro Lalambic Wedding111Bistro Lalambic Wedding111 Bistro Lalambic Wedding114Bistro Lalambic Wedding114 Bistro Lalambic Wedding116Bistro Lalambic Wedding116 Bistro Lalambic Wedding118Bistro Lalambic Wedding118 Bistro Lalambic Wedding119Bistro Lalambic Wedding119 Bistro Lalambic Wedding123Bistro Lalambic Wedding123 Bistro Lalambic Wedding127Bistro Lalambic Wedding127 Bistro Lalambic Wedding136Bistro Lalambic Wedding136 Bistro Lalambic Wedding140Bistro Lalambic Wedding140    Bistro Lalambic Wedding144Bistro Lalambic Wedding144 Bistro Lalambic Wedding145Bistro Lalambic Wedding145

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Tiffany and Cal's wedding at the Infinity Centre in Ottawa 00010001 00020002 00030003    00080008    00120012 00130013 00150015 00170017    00200020 00210021 00230023 00240024 00250025 00260026    00280028 00290029 00300030 00310031 00320032 00330033 00340034 00350035 00360036 00370037 00380038 00390039    00410041 00420042 00440044 00450045 00470047 00480048 00490049 00500050 00520052 00530053 00540054 00550055 00560056 00570057 00590059 00610061 00630063 00640064 00670067 00680068 00700070 00710071 00720072 00730073 00740074 00750075 00760076 00770077 00780078 00790079 00800080 00810081 00830083 00840084 00850085 00860086 00870087 00880088 00890089 00900090 00910091 00920092 00930093 00940094 00950095 00960096 0097A0097A 0098A0098A 01040104 01050105 01060106 01110111 01140114 01220122 01230123 01240124 01250125 01280128 01300130 0132A0132A 0132B0132B 01360136 01370137 01430143 01440144 01450145 01460146 01470147 01480148 01490149 01500150 01510151 01520152 01530153 01540154 01550155 01560156 01570157 01580158 01590159 01620162 01630163 01640164 01650165 01670167 01680168 01690169 01700170 01710171 01720172 01730173 01740174 01750175 01760176 01770177 01780178 01790179 01800180 01810181 01820182 01830183

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A quick walk around Kingston Ontario I had the opportunity to walk around Princess Street in Kingston yesterday with fresh eyes and my camera.

AlehouseAlehouse BriansRecordOptionBriansRecordOption GRandTheatreKingstonGRandTheatreKingston Kingston ArtKingston Art KingstonBarKingstonBar KingstonBearKingstonBear KingstonChezPiggyKingstonChezPiggy KingstonChezPiggy2KingstonChezPiggy2 KingstonflamingoKingstonflamingo KingstonHydrantKingstonHydrant KingstonLightsKingstonLights KingstonMorrisonsKingstonMorrisons KingstonPenguinsKingstonPenguins KingstonStooleysKingstonStooleys

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Nikki and Tom's Wedding in Ottawa's Delta Hotel Supreme Court of Canada Wedding VistaSupreme Court of Canada Wedding Vista

Nikki and Tom behind the Supreme Court of Canada.


I love the controlled (seeming) chaos of makeup kits splayed all around, they make for interesting details. 


Nikki and her Bridesmaids (and Mom) had custom glasses for their mimosas. 

  NTHR0129NTHR0129 NTHR0151NTHR0151 NTHR0192NTHR0192


Nikki and Tom's honeymoon included a stop in Venice where they planned to leave a memento behind, NTHR0323NTHR0323 NTHR0331NTHR0331 NTHR0340NTHR0340 AAA-369AAA-369 NTHR0385NTHR0385

The men and their Star Wars socks. NTHR0396NTHR0396

The plan was for a no-look-first look.  NTHR0421NTHR0421 NTHR0422NTHR0422 NTHR0445NTHR0445 AAA-477AAA-477 NTHR0491NTHR0491 NTHR0548NTHR0548

While the weather appeared to be clearing up as we walked out onto the Delta Terrace it didn't stay that way - fortunately the staff came to the rescue and plan B was put into place when the wedding was moved indoors. But not before we had the chance to take some wet pictures. AAA-530AAA-530 NTHR0563NTHR0563 NTHR0576NTHR0576 NTHR0582NTHR0582 NTHR0596NTHR0596 NTHR0667NTHR0667 NTHR0702NTHR0702 NTHR0722NTHR0722 NTHR0776NTHR0776 NTHR0777NTHR0777 NTHR0797NTHR0797 NTHR0807NTHR0807 NTHR0846NTHR0846

There is always time for a selfie! NTHR0847NTHR0847 NTHR0855NTHR0855 NTHR0853NTHR0853 NTHR0876NTHR0876


The Garden of the Provinces and Territories is close to the Delta Hotel and Sparks Street NTHR0976NTHR0976 NTHR0982NTHR0982 NTHR0987NTHR0987 NTHR1008NTHR1008 NTHR1044ANTHR1044A NTHR1052NTHR1052 NTHR1054NTHR1054

The Supreme Court of Canada can be a challenge if it is a sunny day - fortunately we had good cloud cover and spectacular views and RCMP on patrol. CCC-189CCC-189 NTHR1067NTHR1067 NTHR1091NTHR1091 NTHR1098NTHR1098 NTHR1109NTHR1109 NTHR1119NTHR1119 NTHR1125NTHR1125 NTHR1133NTHR1133 NTHR1135NTHR1135 NTHR1187NTHR1187

The Penthouse at the Delta Hotel gives guests a fantastic view of the city while still feeling intimate. They also have very friendly staff and their food is delicious. NTHR1176NTHR1176 NTHR1212NTHR1212 NTHR1227NTHR1227 NTHR1251NTHR1251 NTHR1248NTHR1248 NTHR1271NTHR1271 NTHR1269NTHR1269 NTHR1292NTHR1292 NTHR1317NTHR1317 NTHR1315NTHR1315 NTHR1331NTHR1331 NTHR1364NTHR1364 NTHR1375NTHR1375 NTHR1392NTHR1392 NTHR1388NTHR1388 NTHR1398NTHR1398 NTHR1419NTHR1419 NTHR1417NTHR1417 NTHR1413NTHR1413 NTHR1438NTHR1438 NTHR1474NTHR1474 NTHR1476NTHR1476 NTHR1478NTHR1478 NTHR1479NTHR1479 NTHR1497NTHR1497 NTHR1519NTHR1519 NTHR1531NTHR1531 NTHR1536NTHR1536 NTHR1537NTHR1537 NTHR1534NTHR1534 NTHR1601ANTHR1601A

We set up a 30 minute Photo Booth with a green screen (so that we could imbed pictures from the day into the background) and supplied most of the wearables. NTHR1606ANTHR1606A NTHR1610BNTHR1610B NTHR1625BNTHR1625B NTHR1642NTHR1642 NTHR1639BNTHR1639B NTHR1660BNTHR1660B NTHR1668BNTHR1668B NTHR1731NTHR1731

After the reception ended at 1:30 we went for an hour long decompressing walk for Nikki and Tom's night portrait session.  NTHR1799-2NTHR1799-2

Ottawa looks different at 2 a.m.

 Buildings and common pedestrians areas take on a new life. We also find unusual and unexpected locations to balance with the traditional spots. 


  NTHR1907NTHR1907 NTHR1923-2NTHR1923-2 NTHR1795NTHR1795

NTHR1936NTHR1936 NTHR1950NTHR1950


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Kaitlin & Carl wedding at Stanley's Olde Maple Lane Farm 610_8047b610_8047b AAA  0042AAA 0042 AAA  0214AAA 0214 AAA  0241AAA 0241 AAA  0283AAA 0283 AAA  0314AAA 0314 AAA  0351AAA 0351 AAA  0406AAA 0406 AAA  0467AAA 0467 AAA  0502AAA 0502 AAA  0619AAA 0619 AAA  0635AAA 0635 AAA  0643AAA 0643 AAA  0699AAA 0699 AAA  0705AAA 0705 AAA  0707AAA 0707 AAA  0719AAA 0719 AAA  0729AAA 0729 AAA  0733AAA 0733 AAA  0746AAA 0746 AAA  0773AAA 0773 AAA  0783AAA 0783 AAA  0802AAA 0802 AAA  0832AAA 0832 AAA  0916AAA 0916 AAA  0984AAA 0984 AAA  1031AAA 1031 AAA  1040AAA 1040 AAA  1067AAA 1067 AAA  1112AAA 1112 AAA  1115AAA 1115 AAA  1137AAA 1137 AAA  1228AAA 1228 AAA  1241AAA 1241 AAA  1285AAA 1285 AAA  1314AAA 1314 AAA  1316AAA 1316 AAA  1359AAA 1359 AAA  1587AAA 1587 AAA  1691AAA 1691 AAA  1716AAA 1716 AAA  1777AAA 1777 AAA  1805AAA 1805 AAA  1820AAA 1820 AAA  1821AAA 1821 AAA  1836AAA 1836 AAA  1854AAA 1854 AAA  1910AAA 1910 AAA  1924AAA 1924 AAA  2071AAA 2071 AAA  2358AAA 2358 AAA  2525AAA 2525

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Tessa & Lee's spectacular wedding day at the Canadian Golf & Country Club TessaAndLee003TessaAndLee003 WithSignatureStyle001iWithSignatureStyle001i TessaAndLee002TessaAndLee002 WithSignatureStyle001kWithSignatureStyle001k WithSignatureStyle001lWithSignatureStyle001l TessaAndLee005TessaAndLee005 TessaAndLee005aTessaAndLee005a TessaAndLee006TessaAndLee006 TessaAndLee007TessaAndLee007 TessaAndLee008TessaAndLee008 TessaAndLee009TessaAndLee009 TessaAndLee010TessaAndLee010 WithSignatureStyle001mWithSignatureStyle001m TessaAndLee011TessaAndLee011 WithSignatureStyle001nWithSignatureStyle001n WithSignatureStyle001oWithSignatureStyle001o TessaAndLee012TessaAndLee012 Canadian Golf and Country Club wedding Tory's GardenCanadian Golf and Country Club wedding Tory's Garden TessaAndLee004TessaAndLee004 TessaAndLee013TessaAndLee013 TessaAndLee014TessaAndLee014 WithSignatureStyle001qWithSignatureStyle001q TessaAndLee015TessaAndLee015 TessaAndLee017TessaAndLee017 TessaAndLee016TessaAndLee016 WithSignatureStyle001rWithSignatureStyle001r WithSignatureStyle001sWithSignatureStyle001s WithSignatureStyle001tWithSignatureStyle001t WithSignatureStyle001uWithSignatureStyle001u TessaAndLee018TessaAndLee018 TessaAndLee019TessaAndLee019 TessaAndLee001TessaAndLee001

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Kerry's Prewedding Session at the Brookstreet Hotel A0A0

Kerry and Joshua's wedding was held at Evermore (close to Almonte) but they prepared for their wedding day at the Brookstreet. 


Kerry's Makeup Artist was Christiane Drouin , to say she did a fabulous usual would be unfair...there is nothing routine about the amazing results that Christiane presents for her clients.  A12aaA12aa

A17aA17a A7aA7a

Being at her suite early allowed us the time to take in all of the action, go between floors for the gifts between her and Joshua, and to get everyone comfortable with being photographed, It also gave us the breathing room to take multiple perspectives on the same scene.  A8aA8a

and to have some fun with Kerry (doing her best Diva impersonation). A13aA13a


Lacing up dresses does take time and it is always good to have more than one pair of hands (and a crochet hook) to keep everything tight.


I like to have several cameras available with different lenses and lighting options for each - to be ready for any reaction.  A18aA18a A19aA19a A20aA20a

It always amazes me how hair stylists can create intricate patterns out of straight (and sometimes overly curly hair that does not want to co-operate) while also knowing that a special bow, fascinator, piece of jewellery or veil will have to somehow fit in/on top of their creation. And on top of all of that making sure that their work does not fall out in the humidity or in the wind or when pulled on in the limo.


Emily Allwood from The Nook Salon in Stittsville created her masterpiece for Kerry (and it lasted past 1 am too).

A23AA23A A2aA2a A3aA3a A5aA5a A6aA6a A15aA15a A16aA16a A24aA24a A25aA25a

This final picture in this series was made by CJ Fenn - second shooter and assistant.


Connect via email [email protected]

Frank Fenn

Telephone or text 613-276-3351

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Emily and Sebastian Engagement Session at Mill of Kintail Untitled_Panorama7aUntitled_Panorama7a

Emily and Sebastian will be married at Strathmere in September so it was time for a second engagement session, this one at Mill of Kintail just outside Almonte, Ontario.  The beautifully preserved heritage area with stone buildings, stream and forest make for a beautiful setting in the summer.

AAA-21bAAA-21b AAA-34AAA-34 AAA-54AAA-54 AAA-67aAAA-67a AAA-70aAAA-70a AAA-102bAAA-102b AAA-104aAAA-104a AAA-138aAAA-138a

Untitled_Panorama1Untitled_Panorama1 AAA-205AAA-205 AAA-222AAA-222 AAA-232AAA-232 AAA-310AAA-310 AAA-325aAAA-325a AAA-358aAAA-358a AAA-377AAA-377 AAA-414AAA-414 AAA-418AAA-418 AAA-437AAA-437 AAA-453AAA-453 AAA-476AAA-476 Untitled_Panorama5Untitled_Panorama5

[email protected] (Frank Fenn - Holiday Studio - IDEA3) Almonte Mill of Kintail Ottawa Wedding Photography Sun, 31 Jul 2016 21:59:41 GMT
2015 Portfolio of Wedding and Engagement Favourites Finalist2Valérie and Josh Finalist in magazine's best wedding photograph contestValérie and Josh Finalist in magazine's best wedding photograph contest Finalist1Melissa and Rick at the National Arts Centre Engagement photograph finalist for Best Engagement Photograph contest on Bride.caMelissa and Rick at the National Arts Centre Engagement photograph finalist for Best Engagement Photograph contest on Mont Ste Marie Engagement SessionMont Ste Marie Engagement Session SquareHomePage004Laila on her wedding day at the Royal Ottawa Golf ClubLaila on her wedding day at the Royal Ottawa Golf Club A-60A-60 LMLR-1495Laila and Matt on their wedding day at the Royal Ottawa Golf ClubLaila and Matt on their wedding day at the Royal Ottawa Golf Club MDLR-102MDLR-102 LMLR-360Laila in front of the Royal Ottawa Golf Club on her wedding dayLaila in front of the Royal Ottawa Golf Club on her wedding day   PORT012PORT012   LandscapeHomePage006LandscapeHomePage006 SquareHomePage008whitelWedding Photographs at the Canadian Golf and Country ClubWedding Photographs at the Canadian Golf and Country Club    Panoramic0136inchPanoramic0136inch PORT010The Marshes weddingThe Marshes wedding PORT031PORT031 LandscapeHomePage004LandscapeHomePage004  

700_3113700_3113 PORT030PORT030 086086 SquareHomePage005whitelSquareHomePage005whitel PORT004PORT004 LMHR-1875bLMHR-1875b PORT009PORT009

Port002Port002 PORT034PORT034 Port001Port001 LMHR-1892LMHR-1892 LR-187LR-187 PORT033PORT033

001001 LMLR-404LMLR-404 PORT022PORT022 PORT011PORT011 Homepage2016013Homepage2016013 RL-507bRL-507b LR-119LR-119

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Laila & Matthew October 17th Wedding at the Royal Ottawa Golf Club LMLR-141LMLR-141 LMLR-180LMLR-180 LMLR-189LMLR-189 LMLR-272LMLR-272 LMLR-283LMLR-283 LMLR-300LMLR-300 LMLR-308LMLR-308 LMLR-340LMLR-340 LMLR-360LMLR-360 LMLR-404LMLR-404 LMLR-413LMLR-413 LMLR-449LMLR-449 LMHR-469bLMHR-469b LMLR-480LMLR-480 LMLR-494LMLR-494 LMLR-515LMLR-515 LMLR-536LMLR-536 LMLR-537LMLR-537 LMLR-542LMLR-542 LMLR-568LMLR-568 LMLR-579LMLR-579 LMLR-585LMLR-585 LMLR-589LMLR-589 LMLR-613LMLR-613 LMLR-617LMLR-617 LMLR-633LMLR-633 LMLR-638LMLR-638 LMLR-661LMLR-661 LMLR-673LMLR-673 LMLR-683LMLR-683 LMLR-689LMLR-689 LMLR-691LMLR-691