My aunt was a teenager in 1930's Toronto. One day she was walking down a busy street when a photographer ran out and asked her if she would come into his studio to be photographed. 

She said "yes". 

It was a different time.

The photographer made two pictures of her that day and a week later she walked by the studio and saw a group of people staring in the window. She walked over and could hear the comments about who the movie star could be. It was a picture of her. She held onto that picture and displayed in prominently on her coffee table the rest of her life.


As a professional photographer based in Ottawa I am available for projects across Canada.

1. Architectural Photography

Your building is more than a bunch of bricks and windows, it deserves its own highlight images that will make the viewer feel like they can, and want to, walk right in. 

2. Headshot & Personal Branding Photography

Your profile photograph is a reflection of where you've been and where you are going, make it a timeless representation of your professionalism.

3. Portrait & Wedding

You and your people have spent countless hours and money on your creation, hero images and images with context will put them in your customers' minds before it puts them in their hands.

4. Holiday Studio - Santa!

Specializing in seasonal shopping centre photography meet & greet and special occasion photography we are responsible for hiring staff while building and executing our seamlessly coordinated system so that guests have a transformational experience.


IDEA3 - Frank Fenn, Owner



Past clients include:

Cushman Wakefield, TACT Architecture, Big Ass Fans, Saint Gobain, Maadi Group, Bentall GreenOak and JLL



Frank Fenn