My aunt was a teenager in 1930's Toronto. One day she was walking down a busy street when a photographer ran out and asked her if she would come into his studio to be photographed. 

She said "Yes". 

It was a different time.

The photographer made two pictures of her that day and a week later she walked by the studio and saw a group of people staring in the window. She walked over and could hear the comments about who the movie star could be. It was a picture of her. She held onto that picture and kept it displayed prominently on her coffee table for the rest of her life.


When Simon Sinek shares that people need to know and understand their "why?", this is mine.




My name is Frank Fenn. 

As a resident of Smiths Falls for over 25 years I spent many of those years commuting into Ottawa for work as a shopping centre Marketing Director. During that time I also developed my craft in the photography world on weekends by photographing over 500 weddings throughout Ottawa and the Valley (and one time in Jamaica). 

When I left Carlingwood Shopping Centre six years ago I continued photographing weddings while building up my portfolio of Architectural photography for Architects, Builders and Shopping Centre owners while also and operating Santa Claus locations at Billings Bridge and Hazeldean Mall. 

Throughout this time (and especially during the pandemic) I continued to invest my time in education and tools for the skills needed to get people to be comfortable enough to share who they are in the briefest of moments and then capture it for eternity.

Each person and family has a unique story and I get to absorb and reflect that back to you and future generations through timeless pictures. 

Based in Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada (between Ottawa and Kingston), I am available to make pictures throughout Ottawa and the Valley but especially now in my studio at 10 Maple Avenue in Smiths Falls.

Contact me using the form below, by telephone 613-276-3351 or via email [email protected]