Here is the short bio...

  • I have photographed over 400 weddings as the principal photographer (during the last 20 years) while also be a shopping centre Marketing Director and learning all about (and embracing) new ways of communicating 
  • Where did I learn photography
    • My family owned newspapers and, at age 12, I was taught how to develop film and make pictures so that was my job growing up (that and cleaning press rooms) till I was 18...that's when I decided to go work at McDonalds (which is another story)
    • I received my first camera at the age of 12 too, if you think back to high school and try to remember the person who went to all of the events and took your picture, yeah, I was that guy. I took over the school darkroom and even set up a home darkroom in my bedroom. 
    • After high school I decided to study Advertising instead (apparently I had had enough of darkrooms) and, after graduating from Algonquin College, worked in retail stores before becoming the Marketing Director at Hazeldean Mall.
    • And that is when I started to photograph weddings as my side job.
    • It was all film photography and it started slowly at first and before I knew it I was photographing 40 weddings a year. Digital photography came to the forefront eleven years ago and I changed to that format too - one of the best things to happen in wedding photography!
    • I moved on to be the Marketing Director at Carlingwood shopping centre, learned a lot there over the course of 14 years and now am dedicated to photography as a full time venture
  • To me being a photographer is about creating the atmosphere that makes everyone feel comfortable being photographed. I do this by being prepared with a full selection of equipment, planning the day, wearing a suit & tie and by being polite and friendly while being attentive to the moments that need to be captured.


Favourite Movies TV Series - these are important to me because I love cinematic imagery and want to make pictures that evoke a feeling
The Fugitive - with Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones - the first time I went to Chicago I purposely stayed at the Hilton Towers because that is where the finale took place. I also wrote my shopping centre marketing exam in the grand ballroom that was really cool.

Mad Men - simply because it "takes us to a place where we ache to go again" gets me every time I look at wedding photographs I made over the last twenty years.

The Blues Brothers - more Chicago but I really liked the scene where they drive through the mall.

Gone With the Wind - the efforts they went to in creating this movie for the theatre is beyond comprehension - burning a back lot to simulate the burning of Atlanta.


Favourite other photographers

Jim Fiscus - an ever changing style but so strong and dramatic every time

David Lachapelle - NSFW - his celebrity portraits reveal so much about the subjects that each picture is like a full performance

Yousef Karsh - lived in the Chateau Laurier and was the photographer who spent more time talking with his subjects than he did photographing them (he also mentored so many photographers who only have good things to say about him.



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