Frank Fenn Photographer Smiths Falls, Perth, Carleton Place and Ottawa: Blog en-us Frank Fenn (Frank Fenn Photographer Smiths Falls, Perth, Carleton Place and Ottawa) Fri, 01 Sep 2017 22:50:00 GMT Fri, 01 Sep 2017 22:50:00 GMT Frank Fenn Photographer Smiths Falls, Perth, Carleton Place and Ottawa: Blog 120 80 Nikki and Tom's Wedding in Ottawa's Delta Hotel PanoramaOttawaPhotographybyFrankFenn033PanoramaOttawaPhotographybyFrankFenn033

Nikki and Tom behind the Supreme Court of Canada.


I love the controlled (seeming) chaos of makeup kits splayed all around, they make for interesting details. 


Nikki and her Bridesmaids (and Mom) had custom glasses for their mimosas. 

  NTHR0129NTHR0129 NTHR0151NTHR0151 NTHR0192NTHR0192


Nikki and Tom's honeymoon included a stop in Venice where they planned to leave a memento behind, NTHR0323NTHR0323 NTHR0331NTHR0331 NTHR0340NTHR0340 AAA-369AAA-369 NTHR0385NTHR0385

The men and their Star Wars socks. NTHR0396NTHR0396

The plan was for a no-look-first look.  NTHR0421NTHR0421 NTHR0422NTHR0422 NTHR0445NTHR0445 AAA-477AAA-477 NTHR0491NTHR0491 NTHR0548NTHR0548

While the weather appeared to be clearing up as we walked out onto the Delta Terrace it didn't stay that way - fortunately the staff came to the rescue and plan B was put into place when the wedding was moved indoors. But not before we had the chance to take some wet pictures. AAA-530AAA-530 NTHR0563NTHR0563 NTHR0576NTHR0576 NTHR0582NTHR0582 NTHR0596NTHR0596 NTHR0667NTHR0667 NTHR0702NTHR0702 NTHR0722NTHR0722 NTHR0776NTHR0776 NTHR0777NTHR0777 NTHR0797NTHR0797 NTHR0807NTHR0807 NTHR0846NTHR0846

There is always time for a selfie! NTHR0847NTHR0847 NTHR0855NTHR0855 NTHR0853NTHR0853 NTHR0876NTHR0876


The Garden of the Provinces and Territories is close to the Delta Hotel and Sparks Street NTHR0976NTHR0976 NTHR0982NTHR0982 NTHR0987NTHR0987 NTHR1008NTHR1008 NTHR1044ANTHR1044A NTHR1052NTHR1052 NTHR1054NTHR1054

The Supreme Court of Canada can be a challenge if it is a sunny day - fortunately we had good cloud cover and spectacular views and RCMP on patrol. CCC-189CCC-189 NTHR1067NTHR1067 NTHR1091NTHR1091 NTHR1098NTHR1098 NTHR1109NTHR1109 NTHR1119NTHR1119 NTHR1125NTHR1125 NTHR1133NTHR1133 NTHR1135NTHR1135 NTHR1187NTHR1187

The Penthouse at the Delta Hotel gives guests a fantastic view of the city while still feeling intimate. They also have very friendly staff and their food is delicious. NTHR1176NTHR1176 NTHR1212NTHR1212 NTHR1227NTHR1227 NTHR1251NTHR1251 NTHR1248NTHR1248 NTHR1271NTHR1271 NTHR1269NTHR1269 NTHR1292NTHR1292 NTHR1317NTHR1317 NTHR1315NTHR1315 NTHR1331NTHR1331 NTHR1364NTHR1364 NTHR1375NTHR1375 NTHR1392NTHR1392 NTHR1388NTHR1388 NTHR1398NTHR1398 NTHR1419NTHR1419 NTHR1417NTHR1417 NTHR1413NTHR1413 NTHR1438NTHR1438 NTHR1474NTHR1474 NTHR1476NTHR1476 NTHR1478NTHR1478 NTHR1479NTHR1479 NTHR1497NTHR1497 NTHR1519NTHR1519 NTHR1531NTHR1531 NTHR1536NTHR1536 NTHR1537NTHR1537 NTHR1534NTHR1534 NTHR1601ANTHR1601A

We set up a 30 minute Photo Booth with a green screen (so that we could imbed pictures from the day into the background) and supplied most of the wearables. NTHR1606ANTHR1606A NTHR1610BNTHR1610B NTHR1625BNTHR1625B NTHR1642NTHR1642 NTHR1639BNTHR1639B NTHR1660BNTHR1660B NTHR1668BNTHR1668B NTHR1731NTHR1731

After the reception ended at 1:30 we went for an hour long decompressing walk for Nikki and Tom's night portrait session.  NTHR1799-2NTHR1799-2

Ottawa looks different at 2 a.m.

 Buildings and common pedestrians areas take on a new life. We also find unusual and unexpected locations to balance with the traditional spots. 


  NTHR1907NTHR1907 NTHR1923-2NTHR1923-2 NTHR1795NTHR1795

NTHR1936NTHR1936 NTHR1950NTHR1950


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Kaitlin & Carl wedding at Stanley's Olde Maple Lane Farm 610_8047b610_8047b AAA  0042AAA 0042 AAA  0214AAA 0214 AAA  0241AAA 0241 AAA  0283AAA 0283 AAA  0314AAA 0314 AAA  0351AAA 0351 AAA  0406AAA 0406 AAA  0467AAA 0467 AAA  0502AAA 0502 AAA  0619AAA 0619 AAA  0635AAA 0635 AAA  0643AAA 0643 AAA  0699AAA 0699 AAA  0705AAA 0705 AAA  0707AAA 0707 AAA  0719AAA 0719 AAA  0729AAA 0729 AAA  0733AAA 0733 AAA  0746AAA 0746 AAA  0773AAA 0773 AAA  0783AAA 0783 AAA  0802AAA 0802 AAA  0832AAA 0832 AAA  0916AAA 0916 AAA  0984AAA 0984 AAA  1031AAA 1031 AAA  1040AAA 1040 AAA  1067AAA 1067 AAA  1112AAA 1112 AAA  1115AAA 1115 AAA  1137AAA 1137 AAA  1228AAA 1228 AAA  1241AAA 1241 AAA  1285AAA 1285 AAA  1314AAA 1314 AAA  1316AAA 1316 AAA  1359AAA 1359 AAA  1587AAA 1587 AAA  1691AAA 1691 AAA  1716AAA 1716 AAA  1777AAA 1777 AAA  1805AAA 1805 AAA  1820AAA 1820 AAA  1821AAA 1821 AAA  1836AAA 1836 AAA  1854AAA 1854 AAA  1910AAA 1910 AAA  1924AAA 1924 AAA  2071AAA 2071 AAA  2358AAA 2358 AAA  2525AAA 2525

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Tessa & Lee's spectacular wedding day at the Canadian Golf & Country Club TessaAndLee003TessaAndLee003 WithSignatureStyle001iWithSignatureStyle001i TessaAndLee002TessaAndLee002 WithSignatureStyle001kWithSignatureStyle001k WithSignatureStyle001lWithSignatureStyle001l TessaAndLee005TessaAndLee005 TessaAndLee005aTessaAndLee005a TessaAndLee006TessaAndLee006 TessaAndLee007TessaAndLee007 TessaAndLee008TessaAndLee008 TessaAndLee009TessaAndLee009 TessaAndLee010TessaAndLee010 WithSignatureStyle001mWithSignatureStyle001m TessaAndLee011TessaAndLee011 WithSignatureStyle001nWithSignatureStyle001n WithSignatureStyle001oWithSignatureStyle001o TessaAndLee012TessaAndLee012 WithSignatureStyle001pWithSignatureStyle001p TessaAndLee004TessaAndLee004 TessaAndLee013TessaAndLee013 TessaAndLee014TessaAndLee014 WithSignatureStyle001qWithSignatureStyle001q TessaAndLee015TessaAndLee015 TessaAndLee017TessaAndLee017 TessaAndLee016TessaAndLee016 WithSignatureStyle001rWithSignatureStyle001r WithSignatureStyle001sWithSignatureStyle001s WithSignatureStyle001tWithSignatureStyle001t WithSignatureStyle001uWithSignatureStyle001u TessaAndLee018TessaAndLee018 TessaAndLee019TessaAndLee019 TessaAndLee001TessaAndLee001

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Kerry's Prewedding Session at the Brookstreet Hotel A0A0

Kerry and Joshua's wedding was held at Evermore (close to Almonte) but they prepared for their wedding day at the Brookstreet. 


Kerry's Makeup Artist was Christiane Drouin , to say she did a fabulous usual would be unfair...there is nothing routine about the amazing results that Christiane presents for her clients.  A12aaA12aa

A17aA17a A7aA7a

Being at her suite early allowed us the time to take in all of the action, go between floors for the gifts between her and Joshua, and to get everyone comfortable with being photographed, It also gave us the breathing room to take multiple perspectives on the same scene.  A8aA8a

and to have some fun with Kerry (doing her best Diva impersonation). A13aA13a


Lacing up dresses does take time and it is always good to have more than one pair of hands (and a crochet hook) to keep everything tight.


I like to have several cameras available with different lenses and lighting options for each - to be ready for any reaction.  A18aA18a A19aA19a A20aA20a

It always amazes me how hair stylists can create intricate patterns out of straight (and sometimes overly curly hair that does not want to co-operate) while also knowing that a special bow, fascinator, piece of jewellery or veil will have to somehow fit in/on top of their creation. And on top of all of that making sure that their work does not fall out in the humidity or in the wind or when pulled on in the limo.


Emily Allwood from The Nook Salon in Stittsville created her masterpiece for Kerry (and it lasted past 1 am too).

A23AA23A A2aA2a A3aA3a A5aA5a A6aA6a A15aA15a A16aA16a A24aA24a A25aA25a

This final picture in this series was made by CJ Fenn - second shooter and assistant.


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2016 Favourites Untitled_Panorama1aUntitled_Panorama1a Untitled_Panorama3Untitled_Panorama3

Untitled_Panorama2aUntitled_Panorama2a HOmePage023HOmePage023 Untitled_Panorama6cUntitled_Panorama6c HOmePage033HOmePage033 AAA-742bAAA-742b



AAA-1307bAAA-1307b    Untitled_Panorama1eUntitled_Panorama1e HOmePage047HOmePage047 ChurchPanorama3ChurchPanorama3

HR-620-2HR-620-2 HR-989a-2HR-989a-2 HR-1063-2HR-1063-2 HR-1118a-2HR-1118a-2 HR-1092-2HR-1092-2 HR-1873-2HR-1873-2


AAA-1168aAAA-1168a BBB-1088BBB-1088 Untitled_Panorama2EDIT1Untitled_Panorama2EDIT1

Panorama2aPanorama2a HR-943aHR-943a LR-2184LR-2184

ZZZ-1134ZZZ-1134 ZZZ-1386ZZZ-1386 ZZZ-1520ZZZ-1520 ZZZ-1533ZZZ-1533 ZZZ-1626ZZZ-1626 ZZZ-1624ZZZ-1624

AAA-285AAA-285 Panorama4aPanorama4a Panorama3aPanorama3a HOmePage040aHOmePage040a AAA-231cAAA-231c HOmePage030HOmePage030 A-171-2A-171-2 ZZZ-27ZZZ-27 ZZZ-228ZZZ-228

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Emily and Sebastian Engagement Session at Mill of Kintail Untitled_Panorama7aUntitled_Panorama7a

Emily and Sebastian will be married at Strathmere in September so it was time for a second engagement session, this one at Mill of Kintail just outside Almonte, Ontario.  The beautifully preserved heritage area with stone buildings, stream and forest make for a beautiful setting in the summer.

AAA-21bAAA-21b AAA-34AAA-34 AAA-54AAA-54 AAA-67aAAA-67a AAA-70aAAA-70a AAA-102bAAA-102b AAA-104aAAA-104a AAA-138aAAA-138a

Untitled_Panorama1Untitled_Panorama1 AAA-205AAA-205 AAA-222AAA-222 AAA-232AAA-232 AAA-310AAA-310 AAA-325aAAA-325a AAA-358aAAA-358a AAA-377AAA-377 AAA-414AAA-414 AAA-418AAA-418 AAA-437AAA-437 AAA-453AAA-453 AAA-476AAA-476 Untitled_Panorama5Untitled_Panorama5

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2015 Portfolio of Wedding and Engagement Favourites Finalist2Valérie and Josh Finalist in magazine's best wedding photograph contestValérie and Josh Finalist in magazine's best wedding photograph contest Finalist1Melissa and Rick at the National Arts Centre Engagement photograph finalist for Best Engagement Photograph contest on Bride.caMelissa and Rick at the National Arts Centre Engagement photograph finalist for Best Engagement Photograph contest on panpan SquareHomePage004Laila on her wedding day at the Royal Ottawa Golf ClubLaila on her wedding day at the Royal Ottawa Golf Club A-60A-60 LMLR-1495Laila and Matt on their wedding day at the Royal Ottawa Golf ClubLaila and Matt on their wedding day at the Royal Ottawa Golf Club MDLR-102MDLR-102 LMLR-360Laila in front of the Royal Ottawa Golf Club on her wedding dayLaila in front of the Royal Ottawa Golf Club on her wedding day   PORT012PORT012   LandscapeHomePage006LandscapeHomePage006 SquareHomePage008whitelWedding Photographs at the Canadian Golf and Country ClubWedding Photographs at the Canadian Golf and Country Club    Panoramic0136inchPanoramic0136inch PORT010The Marshes weddingThe Marshes wedding PORT031PORT031 LandscapeHomePage004LandscapeHomePage004  

700_3113700_3113 PORT030PORT030 086086 SquareHomePage005whitelSquareHomePage005whitel PORT004PORT004 LMHR-1875bLMHR-1875b PORT009PORT009

Port002Port002 PORT034PORT034 Port001Port001 LMHR-1892LMHR-1892 LR-187LR-187 PORT033PORT033

001001 LMLR-404LMLR-404 PORT022PORT022 PORT011PORT011 Homepage2016013Homepage2016013 RL-507bRL-507b LR-119LR-119

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Laila & Matthew October 17th Wedding at the Royal Ottawa Golf Club LMLR-141LMLR-141 LMLR-180LMLR-180 LMLR-189LMLR-189 LMLR-272LMLR-272 LMLR-283LMLR-283 LMLR-300LMLR-300 LMLR-308LMLR-308 LMLR-340LMLR-340 LMLR-360LMLR-360 LMLR-404LMLR-404 LMLR-413LMLR-413 LMLR-449LMLR-449 LMHR-469bLMHR-469b LMLR-480LMLR-480 LMLR-494LMLR-494 LMLR-515LMLR-515 LMLR-536LMLR-536 LMLR-537LMLR-537 LMLR-542LMLR-542 LMLR-568LMLR-568 LMLR-579LMLR-579 LMLR-585LMLR-585 LMLR-589LMLR-589 LMLR-613LMLR-613 LMLR-617LMLR-617 LMLR-633LMLR-633 LMLR-638LMLR-638 LMLR-661LMLR-661 LMLR-673LMLR-673 LMLR-683LMLR-683 LMLR-689LMLR-689 LMLR-691LMLR-691 LMLR-695LMLR-695 LMLR-698LMLR-698 LMLR-704LMLR-704 LMLR-719LMLR-719 LMLR-722LMLR-722 LMLR-736LMLR-736 LMLR-741LMLR-741 LMLR-757LMLR-757 LMLR-758LMLR-758 LMLR-764LMLR-764 LMLR-788LMLR-788 LMLR-795LMLR-795 LMLR-805LMLR-805 LMLR-807LMLR-807 LMLR-838LMLR-838 LMLR-839LMLR-839 LMLR-851LMLR-851 LMLR-854LMLR-854 LMLR-860LMLR-860 LMLR-863LMLR-863 LMLR-864LMLR-864 LMLR-868LMLR-868 LMLR-870LMLR-870 LMLR-903LMLR-903 LMLR-917LMLR-917 LMLR-920LMLR-920 LMLR-929LMLR-929 LMLR-941LMLR-941 LMLR-954LMLR-954 LMLR-966LMLR-966 LMLR-974LMLR-974 LMLR-992LMLR-992 LMLR-998LMLR-998 LMLR-1003LMLR-1003 LMHR-1063aLMHR-1063a LMHR-1077aLMHR-1077a LMLR-1096LMLR-1096 LMLR-1097LMLR-1097 LMLR-1110LMLR-1110 LMLR-1115LMLR-1115 LMLR-1133LMLR-1133 LMLR-1141LMLR-1141 LMLR-1156LMLR-1156 LMLR-1179LMLR-1179 LMLR-1187LMLR-1187 LMLR-1205LMLR-1205 LMLR-1231LMLR-1231 LMLR-1252LMLR-1252 LMLR-1264LMLR-1264 LMLR-1272LMLR-1272 LMLR-1306LMLR-1306 LMLR-1311LMLR-1311 LMLR-1320LMLR-1320 LMLR-1351LMLR-1351 LMLR-1382LMLR-1382 LMLR-1399LMLR-1399 LMLR-1400LMLR-1400 LMLR-1403LMLR-1403 LMLR-1409LMLR-1409 LMLR-1423LMLR-1423 LMLR-1437LMLR-1437 LMLR-1448LMLR-1448 LMLR-1453LMLR-1453 LMLR-1478LMLR-1478 LMLR-1488LMLR-1488 LMLR-1495LMLR-1495 LMLR-1498LMLR-1498 LMLR-1516LMLR-1516 LMLR-1519LMLR-1519 LMLR-1535LMLR-1535 LMLR-1625LMLR-1625 LMLR-1633LMLR-1633 LMLR-1634LMLR-1634 LMLR-1635LMLR-1635 LMLR-1636LMLR-1636 LMLR-1646LMLR-1646 LMLR-1730LMLR-1730 LMLR-1741LMLR-1741 LMLR-1761LMLR-1761 LMHR-1875bLMHR-1875b LMHR-1892LMHR-1892 LMHR-1898bLMHR-1898b

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Melissa & Rick's Engagement Session at the Experimental Farm and along the Rideau Canal HomePage402HomePage402

Melissa and Rick's wedding will take place in 11 months so the timing, and weather, were perfect this past weekend to visit the Experimental Farm, the NAC and spots along the Rideau Canal in Downtown Ottawa.


A-1-3A-1-3 A-1-4A-1-4 A-1-5A-1-5 A-1-6A-1-6 A-1-7A-1-7 A-1-8A-1-8 A-1-12A-1-12 A-1-13A-1-13 A-1-14A-1-14 A-1-15A-1-15 A-1-16A-1-16 A-1-17A-1-17 A-1-18A-1-18 A-1-19A-1-19 A-1-20A-1-20 A-1-21A-1-21 A-1-22A-1-22 A-1-23A-1-23 A-2A-2 A-3A-3 A-5-2A-5-2 A-5-3A-5-3 A-5-4aA-5-4a A-5-5aA-5-5a A-5-6A-5-6 A-5-7A-5-7 A-5-8A-5-8 A-5-9A-5-9 A-5-10A-5-10 A-5-11A-5-11 A-5-12A-5-12 A-5-15A-5-15 HomePage401HomePage401


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Laila & Matthew Engagement Session 2 I love to get out to make engagement photographs with couples more than once. Here are previews from Laila & Matthews 2nd session in Findlay Creek.
LM-41LM-41 LM-76LM-76 LM-93LM-93 LM-110LM-110 LM-155LM-155 LM-202LM-202 LM-232LM-232 LM-260LM-260 LM-231LM-231 LM-228LM-228 LM-293LM-293 LM-296LM-296 LM-327LM-327 LM-349LM-349 LM-387LM-387 LM-398LM-398

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Andrea & Zac's wedding photographs at The Marshes in Kanata AZ-1823acblogAZ-1823acblog A week ago today Andrea & Zac celebrated their wedding at the Marshes in Kanata with friends and family.

Candid photographs in Richmond of Andrea and her Bridal Party preparing for the day were followed by First Look, Couple Portraits, Wedding Party and Family photographs on the grounds of The Marshes. Officiant Keith Langille conducted the warm and personally touching ceremony under the radiantly sunny blue sky and, because all of the formal photographs were made earlier, Andrea & Zac were able to  enjoy the company of family and friends for pre-reception refreshments leading directly into the reception in the Marshes stunning Ironstone Grill.  Special Events Coordinator, Meaghan Hamilton, kept the day running smoothly on time and without pressure through the day and night.

Congratulations Andrea & Zac on a beautiful day and best wishes for your life together!

Frank Fenn  

AZ-16aAZ-16a AZ-40aAZ-40a AZ-130aAZ-130a AZ-135aAZ-135a AZ-153aAZ-153a AZ-226aAZ-226a AZ-248aAZ-248a AZ-254aAZ-254a AZ-258aAZ-258a AZ-272aAZ-272a AZ-282aAZ-282a AZ-285aAZ-285a AZ-286aAZ-286a AZ-289aAZ-289a AZ-291aAZ-291a AZ-310aAZ-310a

AZ-400aAZ-400a AZ-320aAZ-320a AZ-335aAZ-335a AZ-338aAZ-338a AZ-378aAZ-378a    AZ-413aAZ-413a AZ-425aAZ-425a AZ-437aAZ-437a AZ-452aAZ-452a AZ-460aAZ-460a AZ-464aAZ-464a AZ-466aAZ-466a

AZ-504AZ-504 AZ-490aAZ-490a AZ-521aAZ-521a AZ-536aAZ-536a AZ-598aAZ-598a AZ-610aAZ-610a AZ-612aAZ-612a AZ-634aAZ-634a AZ-777aAZ-777a AZ-795aAZ-795a AZ-801aAZ-801a AZ-818aAZ-818a AZ-819aAZ-819a AZ-825aAZ-825a AZ-828aAZ-828a AZ-829aAZ-829a AZ-840aAZ-840a AZ-843aAZ-843a AZ-845aAZ-845a AZ-847aAZ-847a AZ-849aAZ-849a ZPanoramicZPanoramic AZ-868aAZ-868a AZ-871aAZ-871a AZ-876AZ-876 AZ-904aAZ-904a AZ-911aAZ-911a AZ-930AZ-930 AZ-916aAZ-916a AZ-923aAZ-923a

AZ-968aAZ-968a AZ-970AZ-970 AZ-979AZ-979 AZ-983AZ-983 AZ-995AZ-995 AZ-998aAZ-998a AZ-1003aAZ-1003a AZ-1012aAZ-1012a

AZ-1039AZ-1039 AZ-1227aAZ-1227a AZ-1239aAZ-1239a AZ-1306aAZ-1306a AZ-1323aAZ-1323a

AZ-1341aAZ-1341a AZ-1364aAZ-1364a AZ-1370aAZ-1370a AZ-1459aAZ-1459a AZ-1506aAZ-1506a AZ-1508aAZ-1508a AZ-1520aAZ-1520a AZ-1534aAZ-1534a AZ-1575aAZ-1575a AZ-1702AZ-1702 AZ-1805bAZ-1805b   


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LIndsey & Ryan's Wedding in Bobcaygeon RL-2419bcRL-2419bc

RL-194bRL-194b RL-200bRL-200b RL-329bRL-329b RL-377bRL-377b RL-506cRL-506c RL-572bRL-572b RL-599bRL-599b RL-601bRL-601b RL-613aRL-613a RL-645bRL-645b RL-688bRL-688b RL-703bRL-703b RL-825bRL-825b RL-831aRL-831a RL-856bRL-856b RL-860bRL-860b RL-874bRL-874b RL-879bRL-879b RL-890bRL-890b RL-908bRL-908b RL-949bRL-949b RL-1010bRL-1010b RL-1011bRL-1011b RL-1076bRL-1076b RL-1343bRL-1343b RL-1376aRL-1376a RL-1391bRL-1391b RL-1958aRL-1958a RL-1964bRL-1964b RL-2412bRL-2412b RL-2421bRL-2421b

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Melissa & Taylor's Wedding at the Brookstreet Hotel in Kanata MT-898blogMT-898blog

Last week I had the honour of photographing Melissa and Taylor's wedding at the Brookstreet Hotel in Kanata. Start to finish was filled with excitement and love with friends and family having a wonderful time as this great couple made their commitment to life together.



MT-1233MT-1233 MTBLOG-1342MTBLOG-1342 MTBLOG-1344MTBLOG-1344

MT-1202MT-1202 MTBLOG-1350MTBLOG-1350 MTBLOG-1351MTBLOG-1351 MTBLOG-1352MTBLOG-1352 MTBLOG-1353MTBLOG-1353 MTBLOG-1354MTBLOG-1354 MTBLOG-1355MTBLOG-1355 MTBLOG-1356MTBLOG-1356 MTBLOG-1357MTBLOG-1357 MTBLOG-1358MTBLOG-1358     

MT-1343aMT-1343a MTBLOG-1362MTBLOG-1362 MTBLOG-1361MTBLOG-1361

Note of thanks to Devan for his sparkler artistry - the falling was worth it!


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Candace & Adam Engagement Session in Greely CAT-9CAT-9

CAT-52CAT-52 CAT-53CAT-53 CAT-21CAT-21 CAT-20CAT-20 CAT-25CAT-25 CAT-60CAT-60 CAT-130CAT-130 CAT-185CAT-185 CAT-180aCAT-180a CAT-152CAT-152

CAT-166CAT-166 CAT-22aCAT-22a


]]> (Frank Fenn Photographer Smiths Falls, Perth, Carleton Place and Ottawa) Mon, 08 Jun 2015 21:47:50 GMT
Andrea & Zac engagement session at the Brookstreet Hotel AZ-6AZ-6 AZ-13aAZ-13a AZ-25AZ-25 AZ-128AZ-128 AZ-111AZ-111

AZ-144aAZ-144a AZ-82AZ-82

AZ-76cAZ-76c AZ-38AZ-38 AZ-96AZ-96 AZ-68bAZ-68b

]]> (Frank Fenn Photographer Smiths Falls, Perth, Carleton Place and Ottawa) Brook street Hotel Engagement Session Frank Fenn Ottawa Wedding Photography Mon, 08 Jun 2015 21:37:56 GMT
Lindsey & Ryan ESession in Whitby and Port Perry I will be photographing Lindsey & Ryan's wedding in Bobcaygeon this July so it was fitting to make engagement photographs at two of their favourite places - that aren't in Bobcaygeon. We met up in Oshawa and traveled to Lynde Shores (on Lake Ontario) where the wildlife are not shy and there was a cool breeze coming off the lake. Then we went to Port Perry, the site of their first date. We even found their first  bench and made a picture where they first met.

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Melissa & Taylor's Engagement session teasers MT-152afbMT-152afb MT-14afbMT-14afb MT-61afbMT-61afb MT-69afbMT-69afb MT-65afbMT-65afb MT-82fbMT-82fb MT-92fbMT-92fb MT-173afbMT-173afb MT-140fbMT-140fb MT-151afbMT-151afb

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Brittany & Shawn's Wedding at the Courtyard Restaurant Ottawa BS-1106aBS-1106a

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Laila & Matthew's Engagement Session at Mont Ste. Marie FlowFirstImageLailaAndMatthewFlowFirstImageLailaAndMatthew Weather is never completely predictable and this past Saturday proved that point. Laila, Matthew and I planned for their engagement session at Mont Ste. Marie weeks ago, we hoped for snow - wow did we ever along with these great portraits.

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Ana & JF's Wedding at Holy Redeemer and Saunders Farm rm-data; name="title"rm-data; name="title" ; name="caption" isposition: form-data; name="caption"

]]> (Frank Fenn Photographer Smiths Falls, Perth, Carleton Place and Ottawa) Ottawa Wedding Photographer Saunders Farm Wedding Sat, 03 Jan 2015 02:13:43 GMT